10+ Cat Jokes Put Up By Veterinarians That Are Hilarious But True

Anyone who lives with a cat knows that they interesting creatures to live with. Cats are intelligent and witty. They know how to get what they want from their humans. When you have a cat, it’s often more like the cat owns you. One thing is for sure and that is that veterinarians know a lot about cats. They not only deal with their health concerns but they also deal with cats’ personalities when treating them. Many veterinarians also have cats for pets. Let’s take a look at some cat signs at veterinarian clinics. If you have a cat, see how many you can relate to.

For those that have indoor/outdoor cats.

Highland Road Animal Hospital

Watch your computers if you have cats around.

Carroll County Veterinary Clinic

We all know who is really the boss.

Petaluma Veterinary Hospital

For anyone who has ever attempted to give their cat a bath.

Carroll County Veterinary Clinic

This explains a lot.

Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital via Facebook


Carroll County Veterinary Clinic

A call out to all proud cat owners.

Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital

Cat owners everywhere know the sound of a cat that is about to vomit.

Frontier Veterinary Hospital

Cats are great about this.

Frontier Veterinary Hospital


Highland Animal Hospital

Catnip can make a cat do crazy things. Make sure that your cat is aware of the consequences to their behaviors when they are under the influence.

Action Animal Hospital

Cats listen only when they want to.

Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital

Once a cat is out of the bag, it’s too late.

Carroll County Veterinary Clinic

Be careful during Halloween. Don’t dress your dog as a cat.

Carroll County Veterinary Clinic

If you found these signs funny, make sure to share them with a friend. Chances are good that a cat person will find them hilarious.

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