10+ Disapproving Rabbits Who Are Definitely Judging You

We don’t normally think of bunnies as judgmental. But they are. Beneath the fluffy coats, the wiggly little noses, and their little cotton tails, they are judging us and finding us wanting. Where’s the proof? Take a look.

#15 Thumper Cannot Even.

Image is CC0, by Freyer, via Pixabay.

Look what a mess you’ve made of things. Look, because Thumper cannot. It hurts her soul to even think about it. Look what you’ve done. Look what you’ve done! What do you mean you don’t know? Well, if you don’t know what you did, Thumper isn’t going to tell you. No, it’s fine. It’s fine. Go away.

#14  Tiger Does Not Find That Amusing.

Image is CC0, by Tiluria, via Pixabay.

Not at all. Not. At. All. Did you know that he was in earshot when you said it? Did you even consider a rabbit’s sensitive hearing? I bet you had no idea when you said what you said, that a rabbit can hear sounds up to two miles away. Did you? Did you? Well, then. Now you know.

#13 This Gentleman Bunny Needs You to Get Off the Grass.

Image is CC0, by aniaj, via Pixabay.

No, no, no, that simply will not do. You saw the sign. You walked right past it. Now I really must insist that you get off the grass. Off the grass right now. I don’t want to have to alert the authorities to your trespass, sir. But I will if you do not step off this patch of lawn immediately and forthwith.

#12 This Rabbit is Chagrined but not Surprised

Image is CC0, by Alebunny, via Pixabay.

Do you hear what Clover hears? No? It’s a good thing, too, because it’s shocking. But then again, so many things are shocking these days. Whatever happened to polite discourse? Whatever happened to clean humor? Can’t we have half an hour of television without someone mentioning private body parts or embarrassing bodily functions? What was that? A snatch of intelligent conversation? No, it was another fart joke. Alas.

#11 Do Not Mention Flopsy’s Ears.

Image isCC0, by Theohalbe, via Pixabay.

It is not cute. It is not an affectation. No, she did not have surgery to get them to do that. This is a breed characteristic, and Flopsy is rather sensitive about it. The ears cost her a shot at that Easter Bunny gig a while back, and she’d rather you not mention it. Thanks.

#10 This Wild Hare Demands an Explanation.

Image is CC0, by LubosHouska, via Pixabay.

He cannot believe what he just witnessed. Are you freakin’ kidding him? Because that was messed up. And he is a wild hare. Wild. He spends his days running from wolves and eagles. He’s seen some things. But what he saw from you was. Just. Wrong. And this wild hare demands an explanation.

#9 This Wild Rabbit is Looking for a Fight.

Image is CC0, by capri23auto, via Pixabay.

Yes, this wild rabbit understands that she is a prey animal, but you have taken it too far this time, and she is clean out of hops to give. You have ten seconds to make this right, or she is going to clean your clock. One…. two….

#8 Gossip Bunnies are Judging You

Image is CC0, by haru9999, via Pixabay.

Giiiiirl, did you see that? These bunnies did. And they are not impressed. Those two on the left are pretending they don’t know you. And the third one? Oooh, she can’t even look.

#7 This French Bunny Really Expected Better From You.

Image is CC BY-SA 2.0, by Tredok, via Flickr.

She doesn’t know why she expected more, but she did. And you failed. Can you see the disappointment? Can you? Good. Because you stepped in it this time.

#6 Kenzo the Fashion Bun Strongly Disapproves of Your Aesthetic Choices

Image is in the Public Domain, by Lottie, via Flickr.

What are you wearing? You are not leaving the house like that. Look at my hair. Look at my ears. This is how it is done. You? Well, you could at least try to look like you made an effort. Take that off. Go back inside. And try again. I’ll wait.

#5 This German Rabbit is Sick of Your Schtick.

Image is CC BY 2.0, by Jannes Pockele, via Flickr.

He is thoroughly disgusted with the choices you’ve made, and he is certain you could have handled it better. Handled what better? Do you want the whole list, or just the top 10?

#4 Minnie, Henrietta, and Olaf are Alarmed.

Image is CC BY-SA 2.0, by Ketzira Lesser & Art Drauglis, via Flickr.

And they are judging you.

#3 This isn’t a Rabbit, it’s a Capybara.

Image is CC0, by Aosora, via Pixabay.

Nonetheless, it strongly disapproves of everything you have ever said or done, and it is giving you the side-eye.

#2 This German Rabbit is Very, Very Disappointed in You.

Image is CC BY-SA 2.0, by Robobobobo, via Flickr.

You might think that this rabbit has a naturally dour visage. She does not. You might think that her stern expression comes from her rigid Teutonic upbringing. It does not. The fact is, this German rabbit is very, very disappointed in you. She knows what you did, and she does not approve.

#1 And the Most Disapproving Bunny on Earth is….

Image is CC BY-SA 2.0, by Ketzira Lesser & Art Drauglis, via Flickr.

Derby Rabbit of Washington, D.C.! Derby is Not Amused. Look at that scowl. Derby disapproves of that undecorated egg. He disapproves of eggs in general. It is clear that he takes special umbrage with the photographer, and probably the very idea of photographs. Derby is the world’s most Disapproving Rabbit, and you can follow his and his siblings’ disapproving photostream at Flickr.

Featured Image is CC0, by haru9999, via Pixabay.

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