10+ dogs that show the real meaning behind those “Beware of dog” signs

Dog owners often put Beware of Dog Signs out for different reasons. First, they may indeed have a dog that would harm a person should they enter the property without an escort. Dogs do have a right to protect what is theirs so the signs serve as a warning. Second, a sign may ward off an intruder, even if you don’t have a dog at all. Third, some people put up Beware of Dog Signs for liability reasons. If you are not sure if your dog would bite an intruder, some feel as though the sign has them covered in court. That reasoning is questionable though. Some feel that a Beware of Dog Sign is an admittance that you know you have a dangerous dog.

Whatever the case may be, you really need to check out these signs and the dogs behind the signs. Then you can decide for yourself it the dogs were indeed dangerous or not.

Sign #1 – Check out those sharp teeth

Sign #2 – Remember it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

Sign #3 – I wouldn’t take any chances here. In fact, especially beware of the dog in the lower left hand corner.

Sign #4 – I think they are just messing with people here acting all friendly.

Sign #5 – This one is camouflaged into her home environment. Use extra caution when they do that.

Sign #6 – I dare you to cross that line.

Sign # 7 This one might just steal your heart and make you fall over in love. Beware of this one for sure.

Sign #8 – If you are reading this, it’s too late. The dog is not behind the door anymore.

Sign # 9 – Don’t let that outstretched friendly paw fool you.

Sign #10 – A pretty face deserves a pretty sign

Sign #11 – This sign is at just the right height for resting while on the job.

Sign #12 – This is one tall little dog, or maybe he’s getting a little lift behind that fence.

Sign #13 – I’d start backing away now if I were you.

Sign #14 – Don’t you hear what this sign is trying to tell you? Just look at those ears and proceed with caution.

Sign #15 – Check out these crazy eyes. And don’t even think of entering here.

Sign #16 – Trust me you don’t want to interrupt

a dog who is scratching his back. Because it won’t be a pretty sight. Therefore, back away now.

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