10 + Hilarious Big Dog Pictures You Will Love


Dogs come in all sizes. Some have tiny dogs that can fit in your purse, while others have XXXL Dogs that may outweigh you by a hundred pounds or more. One thing all dogs have in common is that they love the affection of their owners. Big dogs often don’t care about their size when it comes to sitting on their humans’ lap or sleeping next to their person in the bed. Let’s take a look at some giant bear sized dogs. Get ready for cuteness overload.


Could You Handle This Sweet 180 Puppy Sitting On  Your Lap? Just Look At That Face! Awe.



Big Dogs Have To Take Public Transport Too Sometimes.



It Must Have Been A Rough Day. Good Thing There Is A Couch Big Enough For This Great Dane To Rest On.



What A Wonderful Place To Lay Your Head. So Much Love And Trust All Captured In One Photo.



People With Big Dogs Like This Need Big Beds For Sure.



Someone Needs A Larger Fridgerator Or A High Shelf To Keep Treats Away From This Big Guy.



This Family Is Really Growing In Size.



There’s Nothing Quite Like Heated Blankets Like This.



Sleeping On The Job.



No Dog Is Ever Too Big To Sit On Their Human’s Lap.



A Lot Can Change In 3 Months When You Are A Great Pyrenees.



This Adorable Dog Hasn’t Moved From This  Position In Over 20 Minutes.



This Looks Like The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship.


This Cute Woofie Weighs 270 Pounds.



Many People Would Die To Have Hair Like This Beautiful Dog.



From First Glance, All Looks Normal. But Look Again.



Look At This Huggable and Squishable Pupper.



This Great Pyrenees Was Adopted From The Shelter. Isn’t She Gorgeous?



Some Dogs Just Have A Face That Makes You Feel Like They Need A Hug When Really They Just Look Pouty. I Bet This Cutie Gets Lots Of Hugs.



I Think The Situation Here Has Gotten Out Of Control.



Can You Find The Human In This Photo?



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