10 Minutes of The Most Adorable Puppies On TikTok is What You Need (Videos)

The last few months have been stupid tough. However, we have something to distract you in exactly the right way: 10 minutes of the most adorable puppies on TikTok! Not only is it awesome, it means you don’t have to open the app and get stuck there for hours…unless you want to.

Pictures, like the one below, are cute and all, but seeing them wiggle, waggle, snoogle, and yip-yap is so much better!

Image, screen capture via Youtube

No matter if you work an essential job, are homeschooling unruly kids, or simply tired of being bored everyone is just a little off their game right now. You know, there are a lot of cute animals in quarantine right now, but the difference between them and us is their not stressed. They’re just loving all this extra time with us.

Something about animals calms us, even if those pets are just in a video. If you are looking for cute puppies to take the edge off, we have that for you here!

Courtesy of KEWLIST:

Want even MORE bonus puppies? We’ve got more for you here!

Syn Cty hits us with the video below, cute animals for some quarantine steam releasing. For those of us who are under lock-down, shelter-in-place, or whatever they call it in your area, days can seem long. These adorable animals are great for making you feel better!

Thanks, Syn Cty, we needed this!

What, that wasn’t enough for you? Fine, we can deal with that. It’s definitely the best time ever for us to see animals being cute!

Here’s another bonus , full of new cute pet videos, to help distract you right now. It’s got everything, dogs, ducks, and hamsters, even deer and pandas. A variety pack of best friend boops, and slurps, and naps — perfect for what ails ya!

Thanks BestComps, for this one!

Well, there you have it three great videos to get you through the day. Share it with your friends, so they can smile too!

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