10 Photos That Will Prove That Insects Are the Puppies of the Invertebrate World

Cute as a bug? Or Ew, a bug! Do you scream when you come across a beetle? Or do you squeal over its pretty, iridescent shell? Are you scared of spiders, or grateful for the fact that they eat 800 tons of mosquitoes and other pests every year? Move over, puppies and kittens. Insects and spiders can be just as cute — and they’re useful, too. And here are ten photos that prove our point.

#10 A Beautiful, Shiny Beetle

This graceful beetle with shiny iridescent wings is less cute than elegant. It looks like an ornament, or possibly like it is posing for an art deco style stained glass portrait. See how it lights atop the branch, spreading its wings out to capture the sunlight.

Image is CC BY 2.0, by Zleng, via Flickr.

#9 This Adorable Jumping Spider

Ack! It’s a spider. And it…jumps? Only on its prey. And you are much too large to be prey. If you look closely, this adult jumping spider looks like it’s smiling. It’s so fuzzy and cute. How can you not just melt? You may also recognize this spider as the inspiration for Lucas the Spider! We’ve posted many Lucas videos before. You can always tell a jumping spider by its eye pattern — two large ones in the center, flanked by smaller eyes on either side. The other four are not as prominent. All the better to see you with, my dear.

Image is CC 2.0, by Roscol, via Wikimedia Commons.

#8 Death Floof

The Puss Caterpillar looks as fluffy as a kitten, but you don’t want to touch it. Some people call this guy an “asp,” and it’s a fitting nickname because this baby Flannel Moth is one toxic little critter. The venom is in its spines. Victims describe the pain as similar to that of a broken bone or blunt force trauma. It can also cause nausea, headache, abdominal symptoms, rashes, blisters, burning, swelling, and sometimes chest pain, numbness, or breathing difficulties. So look, don’t touch.

Image is CC BY 2.0, by touterse, via Flickr.

#7  Check Out This Walking Mustache

We’re not sure what kind of moth this walking ‘stache will become. But we do agree that it’s heckin’ cute. Also, it’s likely that its spines may cause irritation if you take too many liberties with the little guy. It’s a good rule of thumb to assume that hairy caterpillars are packing a secret punch. So keep your fingers to yourself, thank you very much.

Image is CC0, via Maxpixel.

#6 A Pretty, Silky Moth

This is Puppet the Silkworm Moth. Puppet is the photographer’s “pet.” Unlike the Puss Caterpillar, the fluff of a silkworm moth will not hurt you. And just look at those gorgeous, graceful wings. She looks like a fuzzy fairy. As you might have guessed, the silkworm moth is the adult form of the worm that spins the silk we wear. Another interesting fact? They only eat one thing: the leaves of the mulberry bush.

Image is in the Public Domain, by Lottie, via Flickr.

#5 This Happy, Friendly Caterpillar

The Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar won’t hurt you. It has no venomous fluff. In fact, it just wants to say hi. When the Spicebush Swallowtail grows up, it will be a gorgeous black butterfly with white dots and iridescent blue sections. The Swallowtail butterflies engage in a behavior called “puddling” — that is, they all gather together in a “puddle” when they are away from home. If that’s not cute, what is?

Image is CC BY 2.0, by Michael Hodge, via Flickr.

#4 Leaf Insect Wants to Give You a Hug

Native to Southeast Asia and Australia, these insects camouflage among leaves to hide from predators. But this one can tell you’re no predator. And it’s coming in for a cuddle.

Leaf Insect, Malaysia CC BY 2.0, by Zleng, via Flickr. 

#3 This Pet Beetle With the Stylish Antennae

This little buggy has a lot going for it. Huge, curly antennae — what all the critters are wearing this season. Pretty, marbled coloring. And look at those little feet! This is one of the cutest bugs we’ve ever seen — or at least one of the unique.

Image is CC0 via Maxpixel.

#2 A Weird Little Alien Would Also Like a Cuddle

But you’d better not give it one. This appears to be a subset of Assassin Caterpillar. These caterpillars, native to Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay have been responsible for numerous deaths. The spines are filled with potentially deadly venom. And the toxins in the venom keep blood from clotting, which results in both hematomas (large bruises) and gangrene. Why are the cutest caterpillars adorable little death peddlers?

Image is C BY 2.0, by Zleng, via Flickr.

#1 And the Cutest Bug in the Survey?

This little critter is so cute; someone gave it a crown. Or maybe it’s a headdress. Or a funky hairdo? We’re not sure (and if someone knows, please let us in on the secret), but we think you’ll agree — this little bug is the Cutest of Them All.

Image is CC0, by litabix_com, via Pixabay.

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Featured Image is CC BY 2.0, by Zleng, via Flickr.

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