10-Year-Old Girl Tragically Dies Trying To Rescue Kittens Trapped Behind A Clothes Dryer

In New Boston, Texas, a family is grieving the loss of their 10-year-old daughter. On July 7th, Greenlee Marie tragically died while trying to rescue her kittens from behind a clothes dryer.

With a heavy heart, her mother, Shelby Roos, had to make the announcement to her Facebook family.

With the heaviest of hearts I want to tell y’all our Greenlee was tragically taken from us Sat night. She was such a…

Posted by Shelby Roos on Monday, July 9, 2018

Amazing Daughter who Loved Animals

Greenlee’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to collect donations for helpless animals.

The family wanted to honor their daughter’s memory by setting up the fundraiser. It is available to everyone who knew her and to the community as well.

“Her whole life she had enjoyed helping those less fortunate than herself and had always planned when she was older to become a veterinarian and to help rescue more animals.”

Therefore, the Roos family asks for donations of flowers, cards, etc. Her family would like to be able to collect funds to continue Greenlee’s passion for helping animals in our community. Above all, they want their daughter’s memory to live on through the work of helping animals.

During an interview with KSLA-TV, Roos said her daughter “loved her babies.” She was referring to the kittens Greenlee was trying to save. Even on Roos’s Facebook page, you can see the love her daughter had for all animals.

Respecting Wishes of the Family

According to Interim New Boston Police Chief, Gary McGrary said that it was “too early right now to start placing blame and responsibility.” The tragic accident resulted in Greenlee being electrocuted. At the moment they are inspecting the wiring at the family’s home. In the past, family members remarked that the electricity was faulty.

First responders performed CPR on the little girl on the way to the hospital. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their attempts.

Her parents requested that well-wishers not ask for details about this tragic event.

“Take peace in the fact that she is in heaven getting love from all the animals she loved with her whole heart,” her mother posted.

Featured Image by Shelby Roos via Facebook

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