11-Year-Old Goldie Never Had A Friend Until He Met His Neighbor Now He Has A Best Friend

Some people like to keep to themselves more than others.  We often call that type of person an introvert.  And then there are those that can never have enough friends.  That type of person is generally considered to be an extrovert.  What would you call a dog that doesn’t much care for other dogs, but loves people?  For now, let’s just call him by his name.

Kenai is an 11-year-old golden retriever.  His human, Alyssa Taylor describes him this way:

 “He is typically a very calm, chill dog who loves to be around the company of humans. When we go to the dog park, he will typically just sniff, greet and wander off on his own. He doesn’t even like to fetch! I think of him as Ferdinand the Bull.”

Alyssa Taylor

Kenai’s human family has grown so used to the fact that their dog didn’t care for other dogs that they were very surprised when he took a liking to a new next door neighbor dog.  The dog’s name was Bailey and she was a girl.  “He started sniffing Bailey more than he sniffed other dogs, His tail wagged more. He didn’t seem to wander off whenever she came around,” Taylor explained.

Alyssa Taylor

Perhaps Kanai was just waiting for someone his age and same breed to socialize with.  Bailey is also an 11-year-old golden retriever!  “He can’t help but sniff and talk to her and wag his tail whenever he sees her on the other side of the fence, and he will stick his head over the window in front of the house and continue to wag his tail when he sees she is going for a walk,” Taylor explained.

Alyssa Taylor

Some people can go a whole lifetime without having a very best friend.  In Kania’s case, it just took a long time to find her. A best friend in life is always worth the wait.

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