130 pound Saint Bernard finally gets a real chance at his first real home

The life of a dog is very different when they do not have a place to live permanently. Living in a kennel can be a rough life. Waiting to be adopted is exhausting, but worth it if they get the right family.

Most dogs that have never been a pet before, do not understand certain aspects of life as a pet. There are things dogs in shelters just do not know how to do as pets do. But when they get adopted they have to adapt. Even though it is hard for them to adjust to certain things, in the end, it all works out.

Cosmo, a 2.5-year-old St. Bernard, had never lived in a house before, only a shelter his whole life. The very large 130-pound pooch never knew what it was like to be a pet before he was adopted. Once he was adopted life changed drastically for Cosmo, and definitely for the better. The video below shows it.

After becoming a pet for the first time, Cosmo did not know what to do with himself. Sure, he had a comfy bed, a nice family, and food in his bowl, but he did not understand some things. For example, the poor guy had no idea how to go up and down stairs because he was never taught. Another example is that he would put himself in extremely tiny spaces, unknowing that he could get stuck.

After a while, Cosmo got the hang of things around the house. Thanks to his owner Jayne, he no longer had to live his life in a shelter. Jane saw Cosmo on the Hearts United Animals no-kill shelter of Nebraska website and she knew she needed to have him.

In order to be adopted, Jane had to drive all the way from New York to pick up Cosmo. Ever Since then she has been in love. He has been a blessing to their family. Watch the video to see more!

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