146-Pound Lab Gets Adopted New Family Helps Him Get Healthy, He Looks Totally Different

Many people can relate to the need to drop a few pounds.  Some people like to tell how the transformation that took place in them completely changed their lives when they lost weight. Extra weight can be a heavy burden that is hard to carry around.  Too much fat on the body isn’t just a condition of humans. Dogs also can be too heavy and suffer the consequences. One rescued lab knows what it’s like to loose a lot of weight.  60 pounds to be exact, in just 10 months!

Shiloh was 8 years old and weighed 146 pounds when Heidi Fiore and her family adopted him.  “Initially, the intent wasn’t to adopt him to lose weight because we didn’t know how heavy he was until we met him. His personality won us over immediately, and I had a strong feeling that we could help him. We understood that he may have major health issues because of his weight but after very little discussion we decided he was right for our family,” Heidi said.

Heidi put Shiloh on a no table scraps diet.  She also calculated out his feeding and took him on extra walks. “When we first got him he couldn’t even make it down the street without multiple breaks,” Heidi recalls. “He would plop down on the ground and not budge for anywhere from five to 30 minutes.”

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work eventually paid off for Shiloh.  He lost 60 pounds and looks so much healthier today.  Perhaps even more than how he looks, he is showing signs of feeling much better. Heidi explains, “The huge difference is obviously in his energy level.  It really started to become noticeable after he lost the first 20 pounds.”

Whenever you go through something difficult it helps to be surrounded by supportive people. And that is exactly what Shiloh did. Shiloh initiated the contact and didn’t isolate himself through his weight loss ordeal.  “He loves people so much, we always stop to talk and everyone who meets him loves him.  He immediately made lots of friends around town and had many supporters throughout his journey,” Heidi pridefully explains.

Way to go Shiloh!  I bet you have motivated lots of people to get back in shape by your incredible transformation story.

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