15 Strange Animal Group Names You Probably Didn't Know. The Pictures are Captivating

There are specific names for groups of animals.  We all know the common names like a herd of cattle or a litter of puppies but do you know what a group of hippos is called?  We have put together a list of “gangs” you might not be aware of starting with a Gang of Elk… Find out the strange groups that made our list we also tried to keep them cute too ! ( NUMBER 3, 5 AND 12 ARE SURE TO AMAZE YOU! ) 

#15 …A Gang of Elk

The elk is a large animal possessing an even number of toes on each foot, similar to those of a camel. Elk feeds on grasses, plants, leaves and bark. In the summer, elk eat almost constantly, consuming between 8 and 15 pounds of food daily.   Life is Good in the Gang!

#14…A Colony of Penguins

Penguins often huddle together to keep warm and rotate positions to make sure that each penguin gets a turn in the center of the heat pack. Living in colonies results in a high level of social interaction between birds, leading to a noisy colony of penguins.

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