18 Year Old Chihuahua Found in The Trash, They See She Is Barely Clinging To Life

Maxine was cold and starving when the Chicago Police Department found her in a dumpster.  She didn’t have enough fur nor strength to keep her warm in the 45-degree temperatures.

Thankfully, this was not going to be the end of her life story. Maxine was found and then rushed to received emergency veterinary medical care.

The Trio Animal Foundation took Maxine in and paid for her medical care and gave her the love that she was lacking. Her rescuers fed her several meals a day and kept her wrapped in warm fleece.    She did not have enough of her own insulation to sustain her body weight.

Maxine was on the brink of death when found, but she is now slowly but surely rebounding.  In addition to responding favorably to the medical care, she is starting to react to her caregivers loving hands.

Thanks to the Trio Animal Foundation and the authorities that got Maxine the timely care that she needed, she will not die in a garbage bin.

The Trio Animal Foundation Paid for Maxine’s Medical Care

The Trio Animal Foundation is a nonprofit that assists shelters and individuals by paying the medical expenses of homeless animals.  The organization founded in honor of a particular dog named Trio.

Trio was only 4 weeks old when she had her back leg bitten off in a dogfight.  Small enough to fit in a shoebox, Trio was given just a 10% chance to live.  Miraculously, Trio recovered and went on to become a beacon of hope for other suffering dogs.  She spent the next ten years being a companion to sick and injured foster dogs.

Animals need our help more than ever, share with a friend to raise awareness.  If you liked this story you may want to also check out:  Dog Found In Trash Pile.

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