190-Lb Mastiff Had To Be Rescued On Hike And Photos Prove He’s A Very Good Boy

A Utah family set out for a hike with their 190-pound mastiff named Floyd, but they went a little too much further than their big dog could go. Thanks to Search and Rescue, Floyd is fine today.

Facebook/Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue

Amy Sandoval and her brother, Floyd’s owner along with other family members were hiking Grandeur Peak Trail when Floyd collapsed. They had gone the wrong way on the decent and the extra mileage was simply too much for the big dog. Hikers who noticed the trouble that the dog was in started to call Salt Lake County Sheriff’s department around 6:30 PM.

Because of the extra trail that they covered, the family was running low on water. Thankfully, hikers who passed them offered their water to Floyd. “A vet also stopped to examine Floyd and recognized what bad shape he was in,” Amy said.

Facebook/Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue

Nightfall was threatening to set in soon, and since the family had young children with them, they all became very concerned about getting back before dark. The group continued on without Floyd, except for Amy’s brother. “My brother never left his side. He was going to sleep with him overnight.”

Floyd Cooperated With His Rescue Team

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team met up with Floyd, just two miles up the trail. They then proceeded to carry the 3-year-old mastiff off of the mountain.  “Floyd was a good boy and was happy to be assisted,” they stated.

Facebook/Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue

The whole rescue mission took approximately four hours. Thankfully no one was hurt. All made it home safe and sound. Floyd’s family is especially thankful that Floyd is ok. “He’s resting well at home,” Amy said. “I am SO relieved this turned out and my brother and Floyd got off the mountain. Thank you, search and rescue volunteers!”

Floyd will need a week or so to fully recover. After that, he should be feeling as good as new. From now on, this big guy will need to cut back on the duration of his hikes. Thankfully for Floyd, all’s well that ends well.

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