2 Adorable Cats Try To Get Into This Museum, But The Security Guards Stop It From Happening

Two cats have not given up on getting into the Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima, Japan. The attempt to enter started two years ago during a show ironically called “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition.”

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First, it was a small black cat that tried to enter, but a security guard spotted the cat and made him leave. The cat, now called Ken Chan tried to enter again months later. This time, he started to bring along a friend, an orange cat now named, Go-Chan. The two have yet to give up on gaining entrance to the building.

This Time Ken Chan Gets Directly Told “No!”


The Guards Were Getting Some Fancy Moves After Awhile


The duo has now become an internet sensation. They just never seem to give up, and hopefully never will. The museum employees say that they try to enter two to three times per week.


Something Tells Me These Cats Are Not Giving Up Easily


Go-Chan is not as assertive as his friend, Ken Chan. In fact, Go-Chan will settle for head scratches instead of being as pushy as Ken Chan.


Here The Gentle Touch Was Used


Many comments are coming in about these two. One person wrote, “Let them in for a tour.” Another said, “This is just a diversion as their pals enter through the open window in the back.”


Go-Chan Went A Little Too Far This Time And Gets Carried Out


Maybe someday, the cats will get to enter the museum. They certainly are showing no signs of letting up on the pursuit. They have a fan base of many people cheering them on!


Even Though The Cats Were Not Allowed In, They Were Quickly Becoming Good Friends With The Museum Staff


Do you think Go-Chan and Ken Chan should be given a pass to enter the museum? Tell us what you think.

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