2 Dogs Are Trapped In Horrible L.A. Sewer, Then They Get A Brand-New Life

A dog’s wagging tail can express so many things. Happiness. The simple joy of mom, dad or kids coming home from a busy day. Love of a delicious meal. The thrill of being rescued from an unhappy situation and knowing you are finally safe.

These two dogs were found living in a sewer. Screenshot by Hope For Paws Official Rescue Channel via YouTube video

A Sewer Is No Place For Dogs

That was the situation for two dogs who were crying in a sewer in Los Angeles, California, The Animal Rescue Site reports. Rescuers from Hope for Paws responded to a call about the two pups. The poor dogs were filthy and covered in fleas.

These poor little guys were nervous at first, so it was time to break out the treats. Screenshot by Hope For Paws Official Rescue Channel via YouTube video

But they were a little nervous at first and no one knows how they wound up in the sewer. But Hope for Paws rescuers Lisa and Eldad knew one thing for certain: A few treats would help break the ice. Who knows when these sweet dogs last had a meal?

The treats worked

The lovable off-white male and female pups were warming up to Lisa and she was able to slip leashes on them. The dogs didn’t put up any fight and actually seemed relieved.

The leash turned out to be no big deal for these pups. Screenshot by Hope For Paws Official Rescue Channel via YouTube video

On their way to the car, the dogs wagged their tails and looked quite happy. They knew they were safe! Lisa and Eldad thanked the compassionate teenagers who made the call and waited patiently for the rescuers to show up, One Green Planet reports.

The dogs don’t have to live in that awful sewer anymore

They were scanned for microchips, but unfortunately, they were not chipped. The pups, are now named Winn and Dixie have been treated for fleas and eye infections. Then it was time for a lovely, warm bath. Neither seemed to mind that!

Is this baby cute or what? Screenshot by Hope For Paws Official Rescue Channel via YouTube video

That bath must have seemed wonderful to the dogs. It took a while to get them clean because they were so stinky, but once they were clean, their fur acquired a lovely sheen. Winn and Dixie didn’t look anything like the two little dogs they were earlier in the day.

Home sweet home!

Once they were all cleaned up, the two rambunctious, happy pups were fostered by Wags and Walks. Winn and Dixie are so impossibly cute that it wasn’t long before someone fell in love with them. Now they have a loving family and all the toys, hugs and soft cuddles they could ever want.

One happy, adorable dog! Screenshot by Hope for Paws Official Rescue Channel via YouTube video

I bet their tails are wagging nonstop now! You can donate to Hope for Paws and Wags and Walks here and here.

Watch the cute tail, er, tale unfold in the video below.

Featured image by Hope For Paws Official Rescue Channel via YouTube

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