2 unlikely mothers end up in a homemade maternity ward set up by a good Samaritan

Sometimes even the smallest act of kindness can have a ripple effect for many more. One good Samaritan found out just how much his kind deed helped not one but many animals. In this case not only did he help some creatures in need, but he may also have saved some of their lives in the process.

A kind man happened to come upon a very pregnant dog that was about to give birth. Instead of walking on by, he brought her a dog house that she could use to give birth in. The shelter would at least keep the stray mom and her soon to be born puppies out of the elements.

Days later, the man visited the shelter in hopes to see that the mom was ok, and had safely given birth to her little ones. What he found when he peaked inside though, shocked him.

Not only was the mom in there with her 3 puppies, but a stray cat also had taken residence and given birth to 4 kittens. The fact that the canine and feline were sharing space at such a delicate time as this was amazing in itself. Dogs and cats can be very protective of their little ones just after giving birth.

These mothers must have known they needed each other. Or maybe they formed an agreement. One thing we know for sure is that two stray animals who are often at odds with each other shared a small space to each give birth in.

When the man saw all of the creatures in the shelter, he wanted to share with others what he saw. Thankfully, he captured the scene on video for all to enjoy. On the video, he can be heard saying, “How cool.  People gonna think I’m lying.” He continued, “It’s incredible to see. But look…it’s like a maternity ward in here.”

Check it out for yourself…here is the adorable video.

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