Two Women Find Dog In Junkyard–They Decide To Scan For A Microchip

Often, dogs run away. Sometimes, it’s just to chase another animal. Or even, they get scared and try to hide. Loud unexpected noises can terrify your pet and cause them to run away to safety. Most times, the dog comes back to their home. In unlucky cases, they don’t. Finding them becomes an extremely difficult task. With patience, they eventually find their dog.

Two years ago, a loud car accident happened near Bear’s home. Scaring the dog, Bear ran away. After searching and searching, the couple believed he would never come back. Until one day two years later, something crazy happened.

In a junkyard, Bear caught the attention of two ladies. They worked hard to gain his trust. When they got close to him, they took him to be scanned for a microchip.

Luckily, Bear’s family placed a microchip in him when they got him. With this microchip, they reunited Bear with his family. At the reunion, tears filled the room. Bear seemed excited to finally be back with his family.

Bear also gets to spend holidays with the women who rescued him and returned him to his owners. Our loved ones will always come back to us one way or another. We can’t imagine what Bear went through in those two years or how he ended up in the junkyard.

This story is a wonderful reason why everyone should always get their fur babies microchipped. Without the chip, Bear may have never of been returned to his family. Microchips ensure that if your pet ever escapes they can be returned to you safely when they are found. They are always a good idea!

Take a look below at the video of the wonderful reunion:

We are so happy these two women found Bear and returned him to his owners, share if you are too!

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