2 Years Pakita Was Lost And Alone She Catches A Familiar Scent She Can't Contain Herself

Dogs need homes everywhere. Owners have abused and abandoned some. Some are merely stray dogs. Others became separated from their owners and never found them again. All these things end up placing dogs in shelters.

Pakita ended up in a shelter after being separated from her owner.

Somebody who said Pakita was a stray dropped her off at an animal refuge two years ago. Over the two years, people passed by the dog because they were looking for younger dogs. Pakita also seemed frightened and depressed which turned off potential adopters.

The shelter posted pictures of Pakita online after two years of being there hoping to find her a home.

Soon after sharing the post they received a shocking message. A woman said her son Ariel lost a dog years ago and that Pakita was the dog.

Ariel showed up the next day, and Pakita recognized his smell immediately. She couldn’t contain herself.  She danced, asked for belly rubs and rubbed Ariel, and it was clear she had been longing for his return.

Get your tissues ready for the happy moment they are reunited.   Watch the tender moment and the reaction below it’s a must see!

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