20 Funny Dog Pictures That You Will Absolutely Fall In Love With

Dogs are silly by nature. While dogs can be very heroic, they can also act goofy and silly. If you have a dog of your own, then you know how funny they can be sometimes. From their wagging tails to their mischief, it would be a much more boring life without our canine friends. In this article, you will see moments when dogs were caught on camera with their silly behavior.

Enjoy these 20 funny dog pictures that show a dog’s silly behavior. By the end of this article, you will most likely have a smile on your face. 

Can You Do Yoga As Well As This Dog?

Image Source: American Kennel Club

You may have heard about doing yoga with cats, but did you know that doing yoga with dogs is a thing? It’s called Doga. Many yoga classes allow dogs to come in their class. A lot of their yoga poses involve dogs, including poses where you must pick up your dog while you are doing a pose. However, this dog seems to know exactly what she is doing without the help of her human yogi. 

This Dog Is All Business

Image Source: American Kennel Club

Beagles are a very intelligent breed. However, they can easily get distracted by the smells around them, which makes them more difficult to train. But once they are trained, they are known to never let their owners down. 

This Dog Agrees That A Great Pyrenees Romance Movie Is The Best Kind Of Movie To Watch

Image Source: American Kennel Club

We all have a favorite movie, and this livestock guardian dog certainly appreciates a good romance movie. The Great Pyrenees breed is a livestock guardian dog that protects livestock from predators. This Great Pyrenees decided to take a break from his hard work by watching a Great Pyrenees romance movie. 

This Is One Talented Dog!

Image Source: Good Housekeeping 

Tilly, an English Bulldog, became famous in 2007 for his skateboarding skills. Not only was he famous for skateboarding, but this dog also learned how to snowboard and surf. Sadly, Tilly passed away a few years ago, but he is still well-known for his many talents. Of all the funny dog pictures in this article, this dog may be the most talented. 

What’s Bigger: His Ears Or His Yawn?

Image Source: American Kennel Club

The Basset Hound is known for its short body and long ears. Their ears usually reach well past their nose. Their ears actually serve an important purpose. As a basset hound trots across the ground, its ears help bring smells directly to its face, while its dewlap (the loose skin underneath its chin) helps trap them. This allows the dog to smell scents, which is why these dogs are such great hunters. 

This Dog Insists That His Owner Should Take Him Along

Image Source: The Funny Beaver

Before going on a trip with your dog, make sure you take your dog to the vet to make sure he is healthy enough to travel. Bring along his same food and plenty of water. If your dog takes any medications, make sure you bring them along too. Have your dog wear a collar that has the dog’s name, your name, and your phone number, as well as proof of rabies shots. Consider putting a microchip in your dog so that if he got lost someone could return him to you. One final thought – we recommend putting your dog in a crate, not in a suitcase like this dog!

There Is Nothing Cuter Than A Wet Dog Having Fun

Image Source: American Kennel Club

A famous quote about dogs says that “Nothing in the world is friendlier than a wet dog”. This dog is certainly having a great time playing in the sprinkler. Golden Retrievers were originally developed by crossing a yellow flat coated retriever with a water spaniel and then crossing the offspring once more with water spaniels and other breeds. There is no wonder why Golden Retrievers love water so much since they were crossed with water spaniels.

This Dog Is All Smiles

Image Source: American Kennel Club

This next picture of this English Springer Spaniel will surely put a smile on your face. Bred to work closely with humans, Springers are highly trainable people-pleasers. They crave company and don’t like to be neglected. English Springer Spaniels are good with young children and other pets. This dog breed loves attention from their human owners. Great activities for this kind of dog include walking, swimming, and playing fetch. 

There Is Nothing Better Than Taking A Nap After A Long Day Of Play

Image Source: American Kennel Club

This dog is ready for a long, comfortable nap. Most dogs tend to spend 50 percent of the day sleeping, 30 percent awake but lying around, and 20 percent being active. A few reasons why your dog may sleep more often include if he is older, a larger breed, has a health issue, or if there have been life changes for your dog. On average, dogs spend about 12-to-14 hours of the 24-hour cycle sleeping. If your dog is older or is a larger breed, he or she will most likely sleep longer. 

Dogs Love Attention From Their Owners, Even If It Means They Must Play Dress-Up.

Image Source: American Kennel Club

This is one silly dog! Not only is he wearing a raincoat, but it isn’t even raining outside. Although you may think it is odd for a dog to wear a raincoat, there are actually raincoats that are specially made for dogs. Most dogs don’t need a raincoat for the rain, but when it snows these raincoats can come in handy. Although some dogs are bred to endure cold, snowy climates, a lot of dogs need dog outerwear to help retain their body heat and shield them from the snow.

This Dog Is Showing Off How Easily He Can Touch His Nose With His Tongue 

Image Source: American Kennel Club

Unlike their human owners, dogs can easily touch their noses with their tongues. Just last year, a St. Bernard was named the Guinness World Record holder for the longest dog’s tongue. Her tongue measures an impressive 7.31 inches “from snout to tip.” Although she currently has the longest tongue, her tongue isn’t the longest tongue ever. A boxer named Brandy had a tongue that stretched to 17 inches. Brandy died in 2002.

This Dog Thinks That Sticking His Tongue Out Is Funny

Image Source: Unsplash

The twelfth picture for these funny dog pictures is of a dog sticking his tongue out. For some dogs, leaving the tongue sticking out of their mouth is just a sign of complete relaxation. However, sticking their tongues out can also be a sign of hanging tongue syndrome. Hanging tongue syndrome is not something dogs can control. For whatever reason, they just can’t pull their tongue all the way into their mouth.

Playing Fetch Is A Dog’s Dream

Image Source: Reader’s Digest

For a lot of dogs, especially Labs, playing fetch is like a dream come true. The reason why dogs like playing fetch so much is that a lot of dogs are bred to chase. Also, dogs often feel good when they play catch. It is very rewarding for dogs when they catch a ball that their owners throw. Lastly, playing fetch allows your dog to spend quality time with you. 

Wearing A Coat Is Not This Dog’s Cup Of Tea

Image Source: Reader’s Digest

Some dogs love wearing coats, while others hate it. This dog doesn’t look pleased with the outfit that his owner put on him. Remember that dog sweaters should only be worn when your dog is outside during cold temperatures. Wearing a coat inside the house could result in over-heating for your dog. 

This Dog Loves Chewing His Toy

Image Source: American Kennel Club

Dogs love to chew and play with toys. Chewing engages your dog’s brain and helps keep their teeth clean. When your dog is a puppy, he may chew when he is teething. It is important that you choose the right toy for your dog. Make sure he won’t choke on it and make sure it is durable enough so that he won’t destroy it right away. 

This Dog Knows That the Sun Can Damage His Eyes

Image Source: American Kennel Club

Did you know that the sun can damage your dog’s eyes? It’s true. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage a dog’s eyes, and if your dog spends a lot of time outside, sunglasses can help give him protection from the sun. Even in the winter, the glare of the sun off of the snow can cause snow blindness in dogs and humans. 

This Is One Happy Dog!

Image Source: American Kennel Club

These next three funny dog pictures are pictures of dogs running around and having fun. Of all the funny dog pictures in this article, this dog appears to be the happiest. Running through the grass is something that gives dogs joy and freedom. Exercise is very important for dogs. Without it, dogs can get lazy, bored, fat, and may try to destroy your home as a result of boredom.

This Dog Is Not Cold Even With The Snow On His Face

Image Source: American Kennel Club

When us humans play in the snow, we often get cold as soon as our skin is exposed to the cold conditions. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t seem to mind the cold weather. Dogs often play more during the winter because the weather isn’t as hot this time of year. If your dog doesn’t have too much hair, consider having him wear a sweater so that he can go outdoors too. 

This Dog Is Rolling With Laughter 

Image Source: American Kennel Club

Dogs love to roll around in the grass. There are many reasons for this behavior. Some dogs roll in the grass because they want to get rid of a scent, itch themselves, or because they smell something that they want on their coat. Keep in mind that rolling in the grass can be dangerous for your dog if there are any fleas, ticks, viruses, or even pesticides. Try keeping your lawn free of pesticides, and check your dog for ticks when he comes in the house. 

Not Only Is Playing In the Water Fun For This Dog But So Is Drinking It

Image Source: American Kennel Club

This Lab is definitely having a fun time playing in the water. A lot of dogs only jump around in the water, but this one seems to enjoy drinking it as well. Keep in mind that you should not purposefully try to spray too much water into your dog’s mouth. When dogs drink too much water they are at risk for developing Hyponatremia, which is a condition that occurs when natural sodium levels in the dog’s bloodstream are diluted. Hyponatremia occurs when more water is ingested than the dog’s body can naturally process.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article of funny dog pictures has cheered you up. Dogs are funny animals and it doesn’t take much for them to brighten your day. Some of these funny dog pictures were set up by their human owners, while some of the other funny dog pictures the dogs did all on their own. I hope you enjoyed scrolling through these funny dog pictures. Now, go take a picture of your own furry friend!

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