20 Hilarious Dogs Who Are Masters In The Art Of Begging

No doubt about it, when they look at us with those big soulful eyes, it becomes very clear that we share one really big connection with dogs: Our love of food. While not all human foods are good for dogs, more than a few pooches have mastered the art of successful begging. They do it with such aplomb; they make us feel cruel if we don’t give in.

These 20 dogs have earned Ph.D.s in the art of begging.

1. I’d be more than happy to take that meat off your hands if you’re tired of it.

Image by WeLoveAnimals

2. When you’re trying to eat in peace but the surveillance team shows up.

Image by WeLoveAnimals

3. When you have no shame, but you’re especially cute.

Image by BoredPanda

4. Begging? I’m not begging.


5. When your dog tries a new wrestling move.

Image by BoredPanda

Then there are times that your dog fakes you out. Like this cute poodle below.

6. “He started barking at the door when I got up to look outside he ran back stole a slice of my pizza.”

Image by WeLoveAnimals

7. So close…and yet so far

Image by BoredPanda

8. “We’re on your couch…protecting your food.”

Image by WeLoveAnimals

Then there’s the two-party balancing act:

9. “Can we just talk about how my dogs beg for food?”

Image by WeLoveAnimals

10. These two, who never met a scoop of ice cream they didn’t like.

Image by BoredPanda

11. When your dog’s life imitates art.

“My dog kept begging under the patio table, and the glass made him look like a Degas/Picasso art collaboration.”

Image by BoredPanda

12. When you eat so slowly, your dog falls asleep.

Image by BoredPanda

13. Boing! Boing! Boing!

“This is our dog, Joey. I wish we could say he was trained to do this.”

funny-hungry-dogs-begging-food-190-5b4ca4fcb6891__605-2150484 Image by BoredPanda

14. The not-so-subtle stare.

Image by WeLoveAnimals

15. And the not-so-subtle surveillance.

Image by WeLoveAnimals

16. The bold but repentant food snatcher.


17. Showing the human puppy how it’s done.

Image by WeLoveAnimals

18. The sweet blind doggie who almost has it right.

Image by WeLoveAnimals

19. Dogs who somehow manage to be unashamed…and cute.


20. And lastly…the wishful thinker.

“It was ‘Bring Your Dog Night’ last night at the Seattle Mariners game. He stared at me the whole time like this.”

Image by BoredPanda

Dogs are so adorable, and they definitely brighten our days!

Featured image by WeLoveAnimals

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