20 Times Our Pets Acted Rude, But We Loved Them Anyway

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We all can probably think of jerks that have come into our lives. But if you think about it, there are different kinds of jerks. There are total jerks that can make peoples’ lives miserable by their actions. But there are lesser jerks that are just annoying. Then there is a whole other category of jerks and those are the adorable pets in our life that may have some little jerk moments. These are the types of little jerks that keep us laughing and always forgiving them.


Let’s take a look at some moments caught on camera when peoples’ pets were being jerky. I hope these photos put big smiles on your face.


This Cockatoo knows a good thing when he sees it. He’s standing on the piece of bread that his owner gave him, as he eats her sandwich.


This looks like a great place to take a bath. Maybe that’s why the floor is always wet.



Cats being jerks to dogs is a whole other story in itself.



“Chester loves his sister! His sister clearly doesn’t feel the same…”



“Get a cat, they said. They provide emotional support, they said.”



“I heard my older lab crying and came out to find his little brother blocking the stairs.”



This looks like a good place to rest.



Somebody did not like that cactus plant.



This kitty is not allowed on the table. But this isn’t the table, right?



“Django, that isn’t your bone/other bone/bed/house.”



“He’s slowly pushing it all off the table while pretending to sleep.”



 “I wondered why this was the only plant to not flower this summer.”



“Hey Mom, I opened the door for you!”



When you are not allowed on both the bed and the table, but your rebellious spirit won’t let you put up with that.



Have you prayed tonight Desdemona?



“He was alone for just 5 minutes…”



“I was wondering why my freezer magically opens sometimes.”



“He steals his sister’s ball then sits on her head.”



Goodbye, brother!



“Spent $6k remodeling the bathroom, glad these jerks are comfortable.”


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