20 Year Old Cat Dumped At Shelter, After Having A Few Accidents In The House

After many years, like any other living thing, cats get old. With aging comes lots of responsibility for those who are taking care of them. They begin to become a little harder to take care of. For example, they may have trouble getting up and down, or going to the bathroom or even grooming. But when you adopt a pet you are signing up for these responsibilities. 

When Lady, a 20-year-old cat, was dropped off at BARCS animal shelter, rescuers wondered why. The truth was that she was having accidents in the house because she could not get to the kitty litter in time. Her age had gotten the best of her. And her family did not want her because she was too ‘old.’ The shelter posts,

After a lifetime of being a loyal and loving pet, she belongs in a home and with a family to prove to her that love is not conditional and to show her that even though she is sick, she is deserving of someone who will love her until her very last day.

They add,

She’s alone missing her home, scared, confused and wondering what she did to end up here. Where did her family go, when will they be back to get her? Where is her soft bed, and all of her favorite sun spots? No pet deserves to spend the end of their life in a shelter kennel—Lady needs an angel to save her.”

Finally, Lady had some luck.

Rebekah Carlyle a veterinary technician saw Lady, and fell in love! Lady reminded her of her old cat Minnie. Rebekah knew she must adopt her. She comments,

The second I saw her, I lost it. I put my hand in the cage and she sniffed me then let me scratch her.

Once they arrived back at Rebekah’s home, Lady was nervous. Eventually, she became very comfortable. Everyone in the family adores her. Luckily there are good people, like Rebekah, in the world who look out for animals in need. Rebekah adds, 

I am so happy to be able to help another, I feel like I owe it to Minnie. They didn’t deserve to be thrown away after 20 years of the only thing they’ve ever known.

Old age did not hold Lady back from finding the perfect family. Share this amazing story!

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