200 Wild Horses Near The Outer Banks Prepare For Hurricane Dorian By Putting Their ‘Butts To The Wind’


Residents on the Outer Banks of North Carolina are preparing for Hurricane Dorian. This hurricane has already caused terrible devastation in the Bahamas. People in Dare County were issued a mandatory evacuation but the 200 wild horses living there remained. People have shown concern for the wild horses left behind to endure the storm.  Let’s take a look at the nature of wild horses to see how they survive hurricanes and harsh conditions.


Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Corolla Wild Horse Fund, a non-profit organization that cares for wild horses, assured concerned citizens that the wild horses will be fine. The organization said that the horses rely on instincts to keep them safe. “They go to high ground, under the sturdy live oak trees to ride the storm out. Remember, they’ve been doing this for 500 years!” they posted.


Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Wild Horses Know How To Survive Storms


Senior horses teach younger horses how to survive hurricanes and other storms.  The wild horses are descendants from the Spanish Mustangs. These horses have weathered storms for many years. The wild horses use a technique that some call “butts to the wind” to endure the storm. The posture that they take in a storm is self-explanatory.


Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

At the rescue farm, there are 17 senior and special needs horses that have been preparing for the hurricane. “We have extra hay and grain, have filled up troughs with extra water (and we do have a generator to run the well pump should we lose electricity), the horses have ID tags braided into their manes, and the herd manager will be riding out the storm at the farm with them,” the rescue posted.


Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Most of the people in the area have evacuated, but some remain. The non-profit sent words of encouragement by saying,

“For all our local friends and neighbors who are staying, good luck, be safe, and remember…butts to the wind!”


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