23 Photos That Prove Our Favorite Dogs Are Too Precious for This World


Animal lovers know that our beloved dogs never fail to make us smile when things are rough. For most of us, they never fail to greet us when we arrive home — even if we only went to check the mail. While the world rages on and things are ugly outside, we can count on our precious doggos to make things right.

We Love Animals found 23 adorable photos that capture those cherished moments perfectly.


This damp shepherd is all ready for her water treatments, thank you very much.

precious photo of young german shepherd with a bathing cap on
Image from Prostoilogin via Pikabu

Now, we all know there are many benefits to having a dog when our kids are small. And having a built-in babysitter isn’t half bad either.

precious photo of large dog with child sitting on front paws
Image from Unknown via Imgur

Of course, sometimes even the babysitter gets a little too sleepy and needs a little rest.

precious photo of very tired-looking dog leaning on her dad while he feeds a baby
Image from Unknown via Imgur


No matter where and no matter when these precious dogs will comfort you when you need it the most and you can count on it.

precious dog giving owner standing hug outside
Image from yoloWins via Pikabu

There’s nothing better than the unconditional love of a very good boy.


To a dog, a family is a family, even when they don’t look a thing like you.

precious photo of dog with many baby ducks laying by his side
Image from sveta04 via Pikabu

Precious Kelsey, the Golden Retriever, saved his master’s life. You see, Kelsey stopped hypothermia from setting in by sitting on his owner and licking his hands and face.

precious photo of man lying in hospital with golden lying on top
Image from Unknown via Imgur

“I will protect you because you are very smol,” said this dog. No one has told him yet that it’s not a puppy. We don’t think he cares either way.

precious large dog standing protectively over a very small kitten
Image from ChipAyten via Reddit

What’s better than a precious dog? Well, a beloved and helpful dog is pretty fantastic, that’s for sure.

precious photo of a medium sized dog carrying a purse walking beside a lady
Image from Alustar via Pikabu

Luckily, since dogs are indeed precious and fantastic, we have a lot more photos to show you.


Jedi saves this darling child’s life every day by monitoring his diabetes. You see, Jedi can detect when Luc is in trouble far faster than his monitors can.

precious photo of black lab lying on child
Image from Glover via Pikabu

There’s always plenty of hugs and slow dancing to go around when you meet this Golden Retriever named Loui.

precious photos of golden retreiver hugging and dancing with people
Image (L) from louboutinanyc via Instagram (R) from louboutinanyc via Instagram

Henry, the Colorado Dog, loves going on adventures with his mom and his best friend. You get extra points if you can find the kitty in these adorable photos.

precious photos of adorable dog with his mom and a cat sleeping on his head
Image (L) Henrythecoloradodog via Instagram and (R) Henrythecoloradodog via Instagram

We wonder if Henry knows there is a cat asleep on his head?


We are pretty sure that this big precious boy thinks he is a hooman. We know for sure that he’s one cool cat. But don’t tell him we said that.

precious photo of very large dog sitting in front seat of a car with his paw hanging out the side
Image from Georg77 via Pikabu

When a good boy attends so many games that the team gives him his own jersey, everybody wins.

precious photo of dog standing at attention proudly wearing a team jersey
Image from Kuchka70 via Pikabu

This started happening as soon as this precious girl figured out what time her mom got home from work.

precious photo of dog staring intently at front door
Image from Novichokkkkkk via Pikabu

Dogs are precious because they are loyal to the very end.

precious photo of dog visiting dad in the hospital
Image from 7thEvan via Reddit

You know you are blessed indeed when you get to call a dog your best friend.


Now, what could possibly be better than a hug from a dog? Well, a hug from a wolf/dog hybrid, of course.

precious photo of huge wolf dog hybrid giving adorable squishy hug
Image from Prostoilogin via Pikabu

And what’s the best way to thank a very good boy for a job well done? A belly rub, of course.

precious photo of very large dog laying belly side up across couple's laps
Image from Anyppl via Pikabu

Of course, we tell ourselves that our dogs are guarding the house when we aren’t there. However, it probably looks a little more like this.

precious photo of dog asleep on windowsill
Image from Vlstetson via Pikabu

Dogs also love to join us when we exercise. Well, most of the time, anyway.

precious photo of bulldog asleep on a tennis ball
Image from cycle_snap via Instagram

Is there anything purer than the unconditional love of a good dog?


Sometimes, we get very lucky, and we capture a precious moment between two very good boys like this one.

precious photo of two dogs and one is hugging the other one form the side
Image from rustyrodas via Instagram

Even the littlest dogs can perk up an otherwise ordinary day at the office.

precious photo of tiny french bulldog sitting on a desk in an office
Image from thingskobedoes via Instagram

And there you go — 23 totally adorable reasons that humans don’t deserve dogs.

Uh-oh, it sure looks like the cats heard about our list and they are not happy.

precious photo of very angry looking cat
Image from aooni_the_russian via Instagram

So, what do you think, folks? Would you like to see a similar list except for cats? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Images (L) Henrythecoloradodog via Instagram and (R) Henrythecoloradodog via Instagram

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