25th Birthday Present To Herself Adopts Pooch From Pound, Before And After Say It All

Who could possibly be better to get yourself a gift than yourself? That’s what one lady thought when she decided to adopt a dog for herself for her 25th birthday.

When she got to the shelter she saw the one that she knew was for her. A kind looking Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix was just begging for a home.  She took him home and named him Teddy.  What happened next though is so heartwarming.

Teddy’s before being adopted photo at the shelter and after photo at home is so adorable. Just look at those beautiful blue eyes just beaming with life and love.

“I thought he was so loving and happy at the humane society and then I brought him home and those eyes and ears just came to life,” Imgur who goes by the username ‘jekyllandclyde’ shared on Social Media.  She added, “He’s definitely a chick magnet. He deserves all the attention he gets.”

This story just goes to show how a shelter animal can just come to life once given a home. There are so many stories like this.  In fact, chances are that many who are reading this article can attest to the fact that their pet transformed when he or she got home.  A shelter can be a scary place for some pets.  Cats may be hiding, and dogs with tails and ears down. But when given the chance, and when the time is taken to build a trust, you often have a whole new personality.

If you liked this story and have been wanting to add a pet to your home, consider visiting your local shelter.  Then take the time to get to know the animals there before making any decisions.  The one sitting in the corner may just be the perfect new best friend just waiting for you.

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