With “Bomb Cyclone' On The Way, 26 Farm Animals Found In Deplorable Conditions

Last week, a storm dumped nearly 2 feet of snow in central Massachusetts. Luckily, people rescued more than two dozen farm animals on a farm before the snow fell. Then, they took the animals to MSPCA-Nevins Farm.

With varying illnesses, the animals seem to be in rough shape. The MSPCA easily provided treatment for the animals. However, the issue became the amount of shelter they had. They became unable to provide enough shelter to protect the animals against the cold.

Some animals weigh far under their recommended weight. Others suffer from issues like parasites. These animals include two rabbits, thirteen chickens, goats, a young cow, an alpaca, guinea fowl, and three sheep.

With the animals, the owner of the farm wanted to establish a working farm. Lacking experience and expertise, he struggled to keep the animals healthy.

Fortunately, the company can treat these illnesses easily. They need to find the animals new homes as soon as possible.

Though the care is pricey, with donations they can save these animals.

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