'I'll Never Forget The Howling': Man's Horror After Family Pet Was Attacked


This is Daisy with her very best friend, Max.

The family’s beloved Labrador Max was so gentle he was very best friends with their daughter, Daisy. She spent hours every day dressing Max up and painting his nails. They two best friends were inseparable.

That is, until one fateful day Max’s owner took him out for his daily walk and ended up in a terrifying situation that is every pet owner’s worst nightmare.


Chris Lindsey and Lauren Cooper are Daisy’s parents. Chris was the one walking Max that terrible day. He was walking Max down their normal path that they take all the time. They walked past three dogs who were hanging about with a young man and a young woman.

Chris was walking Max on his lead when he saw the three dogs and got a funny feeling. He tried to walk over to the other side of the road to avoid any trouble. That wasn’t enough, however.

The dogs “reared up” and pulled the lad right across the street and came directly for Max.

“They just downed Max straight away – he never stood a chance,” said Max’s dad.

Max’s owner added one detail as well that wrecked me:

“He was howling – it was horrendous – I’ll never, ever forget that.”

The poor guy was desperate to get away from the three dogs, but sadly their owner couldn’t control them. The police were called, and they arrived within five minutes.

People came rushing out of the surrounding houses when they heard the commotion. A bystander was able to pull the dogs off eventually, and Max’s parents were able to bundle him up and rush him to the vet.


Sadly, this amazingly beautiful Labrador’s injuries were just too severe. His parents had to make the heart-wrenching decision to have him put to sleep.

“Daisy’s lost her best friend, but she doesn’t understand it – she keeps saying she’s going to look after him once the vets have made him better,” said Chris.

The three dogs have been taken into custody, and the young man has been questioned by local police.

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