30 Greatest Dog Photos Of 2019 So Far

The Kennel Clubs Dog Photography Of The Year gives recognition to the best photographers who capture the best dog photos. This is an international competition that draws entrants from over 70 countries around the world with approximately 7,000 entries. Take a look and enjoy!

#1 Dogs At Work 1st Place Winner, ‘The Loyal Co-Workers’ By Dorine Scherpel, Canada

#2 Rescue Dogs Charity Category 1st Place Winner, ‘Finntastic’ By Anne Geier, Austria

#3 Man’s Best Friend 3rd Place Winner, ‘Meeting Of The Minds’ By Michele Mccue, Canada

#4 Rescue Dogs Charity Category 2nd Place Winner, ‘Curiosity’ By Tianhang Zhang, China

#5 Portrait 3rd Place Winner, ‘Synchronicity’ By Sheena Staples, Canada

#6 Portrait 1st Place Winner, ‘Honey Saluki’ By Anastasia Vetkovskaya, Russia

#7 Oldies Category, 2nd Place Winner, ‘Young At Heart’ By Cat Race, UK

#8 Puppies Category 2nd Place Winner, ‘Father And Son’ By Carlos Aliperti, Brazil

#9 Assistance Dogs Charity Category 1st Place Winner, ‘Soul Comforter’ By Angelika Elendt, Germany

#10 Dogs At Play Category 1st Place Winner, ‘Dirty Dog’ By Monica Van Der Maden, Netherlands

#11 I Love Dogs Because… 1st Place Winner, ‘Doggy Bed Time’ By Mariah Mobley, USA

#12 I Love Dogs Because… 2nd Place Winner, ‘Peace And Quiet’ By Luca Gombos, Hungary

#13 Dog Photographer Of The Year 2019 Overall Winner And Oldies Category 1st Place Winner, ‘Dreaming Merlin’ By Denise Czichocki, Switzerland

#14 Portrait 2nd Place Winner, ‘Mirror’ By Ria Putzker, Austria

#15 Dogs At Play Category 2nd Place Winner, ‘Let’s Jump Rope Together!’ By Zoltan Kecskes, UK

#16 Dogs At Play Category 3rd Place Winner, ‘The Joy Of Living’ By Angela Blewaska, Germany

#17 Special Mention Assistance Dogs Charity Category, ‘Friends For Life’ By Luciana Veras, Brazil

#18 Dogs At Work 2nd Place Winner, ‘Among Hills And Heather’ By Katie Behan, United Kingdom

#19 Special Mention Oldies Category, ‘Till The End Of Time’ By Monica Van Der Maden, Netherlands

#20 Oldies Category, 3rd Place Winner, ‘Contented’ By Susan Lang, United Kingdom

#21 Puppy’s Category 3rd Place Winner. ‘Dark Dawn With Noah’ By Lotte Van Alderen, Netherlands

#22 Rescue Dogs Charity Category 3rd Place Winner, ‘A Look That Embraces’ By Luciana Veras, Brazil

#23 Special Mention Dogs At Play Category, “A Snowy Chase” By Louise Farrell, UK

#24 Assistance Dogs Charity Category 3rd Place Winner, ‘You’re Safe With Me…’ By Melissa Bastin, UK

#25 Puppies Category 1st Place Winner, ‘The Little Twins’ By Monica Van Der Maden, Netherlands

#26 Young Pup Photographer (Aged 11 Years And Under) 1st Place Winner, ‘Sea Dog’ By Sabine Wolpert, USA

#27 I Love Dogs Because… 3rd Place Winner, ‘Best Buddy’ By Flora Wilson, UK

#28 Man’s Best Friend 2nd Place Winner, ‘White Cheesecake’ By Alexandra Novitskaya, Russia

#29 Man’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner ‘Connected’ By Cat Race, UK

#30 Dogs At Work 3rd Place Winner, ‘Time For Hunting’ By Nadezhda Ivanova, Russia

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