30 Cruel People Who Should Never Own A Pet


Chances are pretty good that if you are reading this, you are already an animal lover. That also probably means that you take good care of your pets. Animals have basic needs such as shelter, food, and water. But they also have emotional and physical needs to be met. Most people that love animals take great joy in providing for their animal family members. But sadly, there are many cases of animal abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Let’s take a look at some of these sad cases.


The person that lived here was evicted and left their cat behind.






The owner of these kittens was evicted and took just the mother cat and left these innocent kittens behind without food or water.



This owner of this fox keeps the fox on a vegan diet because she’s vegan.



Someone put their dog in this storage locker like any other item.



This poor dog is suffering from severe obesity.





This dog was found next to a construction site.




This person throws a bag of dog poop into their trees from their balcony. You can see the white plastic bags here.



This woman abandoned her dog into another person’s yard.



This dog is fed two hotdogs every morning with mustard.



Sadly, getting rid of an older animal for a younger one happens all too often.



This person should never own another animal ever again.



A woman on Facebook posted this photo of her dog. The mouth was duct-taped shut because the dog was barking.




Owners like this are the reason why pets are usually not allowed in rentals.



More vegan owners wanting their dogs to eat the same way as them.



A man washes his dog’s backside in a drinking fountain. Again, another reason why dogs are often banned from some public places. Poor owners ruin it for others.



This dog is doing the best that he can to eliminate in an outside area because his owner won’t take him for a walk.



A neighbor moves and leaves a cat behind.



This woman is dumping cat litter off of a balcony.



Dog waits like this for 45 minutes.



Her pet died.



Customer brushed their dog and put the brush back on the shelf.



Obese squirrel



Owner is at the gym.




Owner lets dog on table at a restaurant.



Dog poop bag was tied here.


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