20+ Pictures Of An ADORABLE Puppy Sleeping Like She’s Been ‘Turned Off’


It’s not surprising that puppy photos go viral quickly. Puppies are so cute that they can put a smile on your face just by looking at a photograph of one. Those pudgy little bodies, big smiles and exuberance for life come through computer screens and brighten peoples’ days. One puppy is taking the internet by storm, not for her big puppy smile, but instead for how she sleeps.


Meet Paningning, the Shih Tzu puppy that has developed the most adorable sleeping positions. It’s as if she is a toy, and someone turned her to the off mode when she sleeps. Janess Cua is Paningning’s owner who has shared photos of the adorable puppy on the Facebook group, Dog Lovers Philippines.


Some people may wonder why the puppy is sleeping like this. Sometimes the answer is very simple. Her owner explained it best. Paninging always sleeps on her back. “For me, she’s just a normal puppy that loves to sleep on her back,” Cua explained.



Paninging now has her own Instagram page with 55.5K followers.  Cua knows her best and explained her unique sleeping position. “That is her sleeping position since birth because it’s the way she feels most comfortable,” Paninging said. In addition to being a cute sleeper, Cua said she loves to play when awake. Let’s take a look at why her photos have become so popular.



Where is Panining?



So much cuteness in one photo.



This puppy knows how to play hard and rest hard too.



The teddy bear sure makes Paninging look extra small.



Just look at that sleepy and happy puppy face. Awe.



Now, this looks comfy.




Napping with a friend is the best!



That’s one happy and tired puppy.



Paninging really does look like a toy, especially in this photo.












Such a huggable little pup.




It looks like someone may have received a sponsorship.








If you enjoyed these photos, don’t keep them to yourself. Share this article with a friend. And remember to play hard and sleep hard like Paninging.

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