35 Abandoned Goldens Living On The Streets Travel 5,000 Miles To Find A Forever Home

Living on the streets can seem like you are living on another planet.  Hero, the golden retriever was living that life.  On the streets of Istanbul along with more than 35 other golden retrievers, they were fending for themselves.

The breed was a fad in Turkey for many years, but when the popularity wore off many dogs found themselves homeless and living in terrible conditions.

Life of a homeless dog means every day is a day with challenges just to find basic needs like shelter, food, and water.  With no one to take care of him, Hero lived day to day not knowing where his next meal would come from. He was also suffering from a leg injury.  Without treatment, he would continue to live a life of pain with his disability.

Hero’s life was about to change drastically when rescuers scooped him up and put him in a crate along with the 35 other dogs who were also put in crates.  The dogs were about to take a very long journey to Atlanta where hopeful families were waiting to adopt them.

After surviving the long trip he was put in a kennel with the sign “Hero. Male. 1 Year.” His leg injury was tended to and he was put up for an adoption.

The Taylor Family fell in love with Hero immediately. He now can live the life that all dogs deserve with his loving forever family.

 His Mom assures him, “You’re not going anywhere.  Your traveling days are over, except with us.”

I couldn’t watch the video without shedding some tears.  Especially when the airport workers bring in a trailer load of kennels filled with the golden retrievers.

Watch this heartwarming video and have some tissues ready.

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