5 Dogs With Horrendous Injuries Rescued, Man Sentence Just 12 Weeks In Jail…Disgusting

David McKayle, 31, from Abingdon Road in Fishponds has been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for animal abuse.  Someone had contacted the RSPCA about a dog in an outdoor shed with trash all around him.  What the RSPCA official found though when he arrived was way more than was suspected.

Dairylea was locked up in a cage and covered in filth and her own excrement.  With no way to escape the cage, she was barely surviving.  On top of that, Dairylea had an eye injury.

There were two more dogs found on the property.  One was under the stairs and another locked up outside in a shed.  The court found McKayle guilty of 5 offenses of the Animal Welfare Act of 2006.  Mckayle did not attend the hearing.

The RSPCA Officer issued this statement, “Pluto was shut in the shed outside, Heidi was sadly lying dead on the kitchen floor, Lulu and Man were shut in the cupboard under the stairs, and Dairylea was locked in a cage in the house sat in her own excrement.  It was horrific to see the four surviving dogs helplessly struggling in such horrendous conditions.  The neglect they were forced to suffer could have been easily avoided but they were simply left without the care they needed and deserved.”

One of the dogs was named Heidi.  She had already perished when RSPCA had found her.  She was lying dead on the kitchen floor.

Thankfully Pluto, Dairylea, Man, and Lulu Have Made A Brilliant Recovery

 “Dairylea was underweight that her bones were showing. She also had a horrendous eye injury that had been left untreated. It’s heartbreaking to think of them starving and in pain.

Thankfully Pluto, Dairylea, Man, and Lulu have all made a brilliant recovery and have found loving new homes where they are now thriving.”

Thankfully, 4 of the dogs have made a recovery.  If the person who saw the dog outside had not called the authorities, this outcome most likely would have been very different.

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