5 Sure Ways To Know If Your Pooch Loves You

You show your dog in so many ways how much you love him.  From tummy rubs, treats and taking long walks those are only a few ways we show our love for our canine companions.  But how do they show they feel the same way?

He’s not going to show up at the door with flowers and a box of chocolates but he might bring you his favorite bone covered in slobber, now that’s a deep sign of affection.

Studies show if your dogs show any of the following behaviors his love for you is never-ending.

5. Does He Goes Crazy When You Come Home

True love has to be the reaction you get when you walk in the door at the end of the day.  You walk in the door and there he is tail wagging, eagerly waiting for you.  His toy in his mouth is dripping with drool and there is probably a lot of jumping and barking.  This is your dog displaying his excitement to seeing you is loves purest form.  But if your pup seems to do this every time someone comes into the house it may not be the best determining factor of his love for you.

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