7 Dog Cafes Around the World Where You Can Actually Pet All the Dogs

Dog cafes, also known as pet cafes, are a new trend that is becoming more and more popular. If you are a lover of dogs but can’t have any of your own, you may be interested in visiting a dog cafe. Dog cafes are basically cafes that allow you to play with the dogs while you sip on your coffee and eat snacks. Many dog cafes also have dog treats on the menu which gives you the opportunity to feed the dogs. If you happen to have a dog but you don’t want to leave him in the car, don’t worry! Many dog cafes are pet-friendly, meaning they welcome other dogs too. Today, I will be going over 7 dog cafes in the world that you should consider visiting. By the end of this article, hopefully, you will be inspired to take a trip to a dog cafe.

Los Angeles: The Dog Cafe

Do you love dogs? If so, then I’m sure you’ll love this dog cafe. Located in Los Angeles, this dog cafe is the perfect place for dog lovers to gather. Just like any ordinary cafe, The Dog Cafe offers coffee and many other treats. However, their building is also loaded with plenty of dogs to play with. What happens if you fall in love with a pup? You can adopt any dogs in the cafe! The Dog Cafe’s goal is to create an atmosphere where the dogs and humans feel comfortable. That way, the dogs don’t feel stressed as they might feel in a shelter. Even if you can’t adopt a dog, this cafe still allows you to interact with the homeless dogs.

How Do I Adopt A Dog From The Dog Cafe?

The Dog Cafe’s website gives information on the dogs available to adopt. A lot of the dogs are currently being fostered, which means you may not see them in The Dog Cafe. However, they are still up for adoption. You also have the option of fostering one of the dogs at The Dog Cafe. The main goal is to give these innocent puppies a loving home, whether you want to adopt one or simply want to foster one. Visit their site to find out more about adopting their dogs.

Volunteering At The Dog Cafe Is An Option Too

If you are still interested in spending time with the dogs but you can’t adopt, consider volunteering. The Dog Cafe needs all the help they can get to keep the dogs and humans happy. Taking the dogs for walks, planning activities, taking photos, and doing fundraisers are all great ways to support this dog cafe.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that The Dog Cafe is a wonderful place to grab a snack or a cup of coffee. Not only can you visit with friends, but you also have the opportunity to play and interact with the dogs there. If you happen to fall in love with a dog, you can adopt. Fostering is also an option, as is volunteering at this cafe. Overall, The Dog Cafe is the perfect place to go for some relaxation, tasty snacks, and plenty of puppy love.

Image Source: Coffee Geek

Thailand: Inu Cafe

At a first glance, this cafe may look like nothing but a building on private property. But once you take a closer look, you will find yourself falling in love with this dog cafe. Located in Hua Hin, Thailand, this dog cafe is a family business. It only has a few small tables, and the building is basically a small house. According to people who have visited this place, there isn’t anything fancy about the cafe itself. Instead, the highlight of this place is the Shiba Inu dogs.

Fun Activities To Do At The Dog Cafes

There are plenty of fun activities to do with the dogs at the Inu Cafe. One of those activities is to feed the dogs. In order to feed the dogs, you will have to buy the dog treats. Then, while the dogs line up to eat, you hand out each treat one at a time. According to people who have visited the Inu Cafe, the dogs are very well-behaved. They’ll wait in line as you pass out treats to them. Besides getting to feed the dogs, you also get to play and interact with them while eating your food.

The Many Food Options On the Menu Is A Bonus

Not only do you get to enjoy the company of the dogs, but the food is also delicious. Although this is a small cafe, there is a large menu. The main dishes are spaghetti and fried rice. However, there is also a variety of finger foods, as well as drinks. There are many unique foods on the menu that you wouldn’t find at other average cafes. One such dish is the Taro with Melted Mozzarella Cheese. Taro is a root crop that is very similar to potatoes. Overall, the food is delicious here at the Inu Cafe.

The Bottom Line

If you happen to visit Hua Hin, Thailand, or if that is where you live, be sure to check out the Inu Cafe. While it is a very small cafe, it has many friendly dogs that you can play with while you’re there. In addition to this, the food here is delicious according to people who have visited this dog cafe. Overall, the Inu Cafe is a nice place to hang out and play with adorable dogs.

Image Source: Cuteness Overflow

Kuala Lumpur: Cubs And Cups Cafe

The Cubs and Cups Cafe is not only the home to a couple of dogs but this it is also pet-friendly. This means that you can come in with your own pups. This is nice since many dog-owners don’t want to leave their dog in the car while they go grab a snack. There are plenty of delicious dishes here at the Cubs and Cups Cafe. Such dishes include pasta dishes, bite-sized pastries, sandwiches, and a large selection of coffees. There are also some meals available for the dogs.

Cubs and Cups Offers Simple Rules

Because your dogs have free range of the cafe, there are some rules that you must follow. First, you are ordered to take full responsibility for your dog. That means you must clean up after your dog, and your dog cannot disturb other dogs or people. This leads us to the next rule, which is that you have strict supervision over aggressive dogs. Aggressive dogs are not encouraged to come to this cafe, but you are allowed to bring them. Just watch that they don’t disturb the other dogs and people at the cafe.

The Cubs and Cups Cafe Is A Very Clean Place

Although the dogs have free range of this dog cafe, this cafe is known for being very clean. The cafe’s kitchen is completely separated from the dining area. In addition to that, the dogs get to run around outdoors in a fenced-in area, which encourages them to not have accidents in the building. However, if your dog does, it is important that you clean it up right away. That is the number one rule at this dog cafe.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a cafe that welcomes dogs, you may be interested in checking out the Cubs and Cups Cafe. There is a variety of options on the menu, and there are even meals for the dogs. The dogs have free range of the building (except for the kitchen) and there is a fenced-in area outdoors where they can play. There is a short list of rules that you must follow at this dog cafe. Overall, the Cubs and Cups cafe is a nice place to spend time eating and chatting with friends.

Image Source: My Farrahdise

New Delhi: Puppychino

Puppychino is another pet-friendly cafe. This means that it is not only the home of a few adorable dogs, but you can also bring your own dog inside. The menu is full of delicious treats, and there is a special menu made just for the dogs. In addition to serving yummy foods, this cafe also merchandises such as leashes, collars, treats, bows, and bandanas.

How Puppychino Got Started

Nayani and Mallika Tandon are the owners of this dog cafe. This dog cafe was inspired by their two dogs, which are Bobo the Labrador, and Simba the Husky. Bobo and Simba are the official mascots of Puppychino. This dog cafe is rather new, as it opened on April 16, 2016.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Puppychino cafe is a pet-friendly cafe that serves delicious foods for both the pets and humans. In addition to providing a large menu, there are also different merchandises that you can purchase. Overall, the Puppychino cafe in New Delhi is a nice place to visit.

Image Source: Tailster

Tokyo: Dog Heart from Aquamarine

Are you wanting to visit a cafe where you can play with lots of dogs? Look no further than the Dog Heart cafe located in Tokyo. You get to play with the dogs, and you can even take the dogs for walks. Many of the people who have visited this dog cafe said that the dogs would climb onto their laps. This dog cafe is the home to many toy poodles, beagles, and golden retrievers.

Dogs Are Very Social

According to people who have visited this cafe, the dogs are very social. As I have already mentioned, the dogs will come and lay on your lap. They also enjoy being played with, but what the dogs seem to enjoy the most is going for walks. According to most of the customers, these dogs seem to be well taken care of.

Keep In Mind That the Room Is Small

A small downside to this cafe is that the room is small. This gives the people and dogs not a lot of room to run around. There were a couple of reviews left from people who were concerned about it being too small of a space for the dogs. With so many dogs and people, the place is a little crowded. Because the room is small, most of the people decided to take the dogs for walks instead of playing with them inside the building.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Dog Heart cafe is a place with plenty of dogs but a small amount of space. This dog cafe got mixed reviews. Some people thought the dogs were well taken care of, while others thought they couldn’t move around and were a little skinny. If you want to play with the dogs, the best thing to do is take them for walks. That way, the dogs get to move around and you can have one-on-one time with them.

Image Source: Animal Cafes

South Korea: Bau House

The Bau House in South Korea is a cafe that houses several dogs and welcomes other dogs to come in. The dogs appear to be cared for and loved by the staff, as they are groomed and well behaved.  As soon as you enter this dog cafe, you will most likely be greeted by dogs that are searching for treats. You can buy them treats at the counter and feed the treats to them.

The Dogs At Bau House Are Very Friendly

Be prepared to be greeted by a bunch of dogs when you walk into this dog cafe. These dogs are very friendly according to people who have visited this dog cafe. They love it when you throw tennis balls, and you may have a few dogs sitting on your lap while you eat. And, of course, these dogs will most likely be begging for treats from you.

Keep An Eye On Your Food and Drinks Because the Dogs Like To Steal Them

A helpful tip for you when you’re visiting this cafe is to keep an eye on your drinks and food. The dogs have free range of the building, which means they may jump onto the table and eat your food.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Bau House is a nice place to visit if you happen to be in South Korea. It is a nice atmosphere, and there are lots of dogs who live at this cafe. In addition to this, you can also bring your dogs along. Be aware that many of the dogs at this cafe will be begging for treats from you. Have plenty of treats on hand and enjoy the puppy love when at this dog cafe.

Image Source: Bitten By The Travel Bug

Philippines: Barkin’ Blend Dog Cafe

Barkin’ Blends provides a place of relaxation for guests. Located at Cainta, Rizal in the Philippines, the Barkin’ Blend Dog Cafe has a family of 30 dogs. There is a large menu at this dog cafe, making it a fun and delicious place to be. Many of the foods on the menu are named after the dogs who live at the cafe.

You Must Follow Barkin’ Blend Dog Cafe’s List Of Rules

Unlike some of the previous dog cafes, the Barkin’ Blend Dog Cafe has a list of 20 rules. You can find these rules on their website. Keep in mind that this is not a place where you can bring your own pet. You can only play with the dogs that are in the building.

The Bottom Line

Although it has a long list of rules, the Barkin’ Blend Dog Cafe is a relaxing and fun place to be. There is plenty of food to eat and there are a lot of dogs to play with. The dogs here appear to be well taken care of. Overall, the Barkin’ Blend Dog Cafe is a nice place to visit.

Image Source: Philippine Primer

Final Thoughts

Dog cafes are a rather new trend that is becoming popular in many parts of the world. Some dog cafes allow other dogs to come in, while others only let you play with their dogs. Some dog cafes, like The Dog Cafe, even allow you to adopt dogs. Whichever dog cafe you choose to visit, I’m sure you’ll have a fun time.

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