75 Horses Found Near Death, They Had To Work Fast To Get Them Out Of Danger

How could you neglect a Quarter Horse?  If you couldn’t take care of one (because owning a horse isn’t cheap) why would you keep taking more?

The Hooved Animal Rescue Protection Society (HARPS) would like to know the answer to that question.  Not long ago they found 75 quarter horses living in poor conditions, lacking proper medical care and starvation. 30 of the horses were confined to a stall with little or no chance of being turned out for more than 2 years!  The rest of the horses were left out in the paddocks that were full of manure, lack of shelter and little human handling

It appeared to them that some of the horses had been national champions at one time, but when rescuers found them the horses were in imminent danger of being sent to the slaughterhouse.  The team knew it was time to act quickly.  Especially if they wanted to re-home these horses.

A New Beginning

The call for help went out and amazingly…….the horse community answered the call.  Within two months each and every horse was in a loving caring home.

“It was  nothing short of a miracle” said the founder and president of HARP

When the team showed up the horses were given food, water, and exercise.  Some of the horses hadn’t walked more than a few steps in 2 years, this was difficult for them at first.

Check out the video of what these horses came from to what they have now.  The transformation is incredible.  

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