8 Puppies Are Pulled From A Cave, Rescuers Are Shocked When They Get Closer!

When Hope for Paws save animals sometimes things can get rough.  This was no different in fact this little adventure shocked even the rescuers.

Photo Credit: The Dodo

When they reached the cave it was located next to train tracks that were very busy and noisy.  Sure enough when they looked inside they saw a few of the puppies.

Because the puppies kept popping in and out of their cave, it was hard to determine exactly how many there actually were.  The team of rescuers used cheeseburgers to lure them out but even that wasn’t enough to make the pups feel secure all the time.  If a train would roar by or a worker would make efforts to grab them they would retreat into the cave.

Photo Credit: The Dodo

Finally the first puppy was recovered and handed off to loving arms of another rescuer.  The puppy cried for help because he had never experienced human contact before.  The squealing sent the other puppies deeper into the narrow cave.

Photo Credit: The Dodo

Army crawling into the cave the rescuer got 2 more puppies, however the others crawled even further into the narrow cave where it was impossible for them to be reached.  These pups learned a lot in the their short 6 week life on how to survive.  What smart pups!
At this point the rescuers had to try something different.  They began digging a hole on the other side in hopes the puppies would be accessible.  Taking chances and grabbing the puppies anyway he could the man got bit by one of the puppies after grabbing him by the leg.

Now there were 8 puppies out,  this was the amount reported to Hope for Paws. However……..

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