Over 800 Pets Find Forever Homes, All Because Of Her Generous Contribution We Were Amazed

Kim Pacini-Hauchmade, a Sacramento real estate agent loves animals. She has a heart for those homeless animals living out much of their lives in shelters. Sadly, many animal lives are even ended at many shelters when no one shows up to adopt them.  Because of the trend, Kim wanted to help in any way that she could. She decided to cover all of the shelters adoption fees for the rest of the year.

Adoptions at that Front Street Animal Hospital cost $80 to $100 to adopt a dog and $65 for a cat.  The shelters use the adoption fees to help pay for the costs of feeding and taking care of the animals.

The shelter started going vacant very quickly. Bobby Mann, the shelter’s director of communications said that the always full shelter started running out of pets.  “It’s been remarkable for us,” Mann said. “It’s been amazing.”

Home for the Pawlidays was the name given for the waived adoption fee program.  Because of the program, over 800 dogs have been adopted into homes.  Incredibly, there started to be a demand for homeless pets.  Hence, The Front Street Animal Hospital actually started taking in pets from other California shelters to meet the new demand.

Front Street Animal Shelter

Some animal lovers have been concerned that pets may go to undesirable homes if there isn’t a fee attached to the dog.  But research has shown that this isn’t the case.  Pet’s who are adopted with fees waived go to just as good of homes as pets who were paid for.  Furthermore, Mann explained that the shelter uses the same adoption screening process regardless of whether a fee was waived or not.

Elizabeth Laverty and Kevin Williamson became inspired by Pacini-Hauch’s donation.  They decided to cover the adoption fees at their local shelter in Roseville, California.  The Placer SPCA then experienced a similar trend with adoptions increasing by 35%.

Jessi Gray

Bring On The Copycats

When tragic events happen, such as mass shootings the country will often see copycats doing the same thing.  Because this is such a special trend, I hope this country sees more copycats taking part. If you think this is a great idea please share with your friends and get the word out.

In case you missed our announcement yesterday, we have some exciting news to share…Two Placer SPCA volunteers, inspired by the generous donation at Front Street Animal Shelter, have pledged to fund ALL ADOPTIONS at Placer SPCA through the end of the year!From now through December 31st, every single adoption fee at the Placer SPCA will be waived. Please share – let’s get these animals home for the holidays!

Posted by Placer SPCA on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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