This 9 Month Old Puppy Is Set To Be Largest Dog In The World

There are some large dog breeds, but this nine-month-old puppy is shaping up to be the largest in the world.

Meet Euphrates, who was specifically bred to replicate the Molossus of ancient Mesopotamia. The English and Neapolitan Mastiff are the only two direct breeds of the ancient Molossus. Those breeds were selectively cross-bred to create Euphrates and the litter she was born into.

Euphrates is currently six feet tall and weighs over 180 pounds, but this pup isn’t done growing yet. Many people are mistaking her for being fully-grown, though, at only nine-months-old, she has a ways to go.

She was small once, but that didn’t last too long. She hit two massive growth spurts, and in that time she became clumsy because she was adjusting to her new size on a daily basis.

Big Dog, Bigger Heart

This breed was known for its fearsome stature, but don’t be fooled. Euphrates is a total sweetheart. Her owner, Jared Howser of Salt Lake City, Utah, says that she is quite affectionate, especially with women and children. She even loves to cuddle, and she was able to do so when she was smaller.

Euphrates is also protective of her family. The ancient Molossus breeds had a great sense of loyalty and would defend their family against whatever threatened them.

Howser had looked for a larger breed such as Euphrates after a horrific home invasion. He watched a burglar throw a 136-lb Cane Corso dog out of a window, an incident which the dog did not survive from.

Euphrates was the largest of her litter and has been keeping Howser’s home safe from invaders. His vehicle is the only one on the street these days to be broken into, unfortunate as that may be for others.

Though she is gentle, Howser has apparently tested her with making sounds around the house at night. Euphrates is a true protector and investigates each sound to be sure her family is safe.

Howser hopes to avoid any violence and that people will not mistake her size for ferocity. She is friendly to everyone in public, so if you see her in Utah, reach out to pet her and see for yourself just how sweet she is!

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