950 Days In Shelter, Pit Bull Never Stops Smiling Workers Say It's The Weirdest Thing

You’re having one of those days where nothing is going right.  You woke up late, traffic is terrible, you get to work only to discover you forgot your lunch and on and on.  On days like that, you should remember this story.  Reva a sweet dog was in the shelter for 950 days and smiled the entire time.

Reeva arrived at the shelter as a youngster.  She had some skin issues that required medical care and a special diet with medications. She also had to have surgery on a bad knee. Through it all though she remained positive and never gave in to depression that so many shelter dogs can get.

Reeva quickly became a staff favorite, always wagging her tail and smiling that big smile when the people she knew came to feed or play with her.  She became so attached to the shelter staff that she wouldn’t jump at the cages and greet visitors the way that other dogs often did. That may have been part of the reason for her not getting adopted sooner. Nikki Wareham, a veterinary technician that cares for the center’s animals imagines that Reeva may have been thinking,”They’re not here for me.” Wareham adds, “I think she’s become so used to it here.”

One day though things were looking like Reeva found her forever home, but just 10 days later she was returned to the shelter.  She had not done anything wrong.  Instead, her special diet was going to cost too much to keep her.

Reeva returned to the shelter that she had been so accustomed to and to the staff that loved her.  Many days passed until that special day came. Reeva got adopted into a family that fell head over heels in love with her.

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