Mama Moose And Her Babies Have The Best Day Ever, They Were Surprised When They Looked

When the weather gets hot you can find kids and adults gathering to watery places like the beach and backyard pools.  There is nothing like water to cool us off and have some fun in.  Humans aren’t the only ones would love to cool off on a hot day.

One moose family in Alaska had a treat.  They got their own sprinkler party thanks to the kindness of Candice Helm.  Helm noticed a cow moose with twin calves walking around the Eagle River community.  Thinking they may be hot, she turned on her sprinkler for them.  It didn’t take long for the moose family to investigate the water.

“They just strolled around the house and looked really hot.  So we turned on the sprinklers and they were happy,” Helm said.

The mama moose is adorable as she keeps a watchful eye on her frolicking calves while she takes a little time for herself to also play in the water.  She keeps taking the authoritative role with ears down and a head nod as if to tell her little ones to stop it, but then she gets caught up in the fun herself.

Moose are the largest members of the deer family.  They can reach a weight of 1,200 pounds with the largest ones standing 6 1/2 feet tall at the shoulders. That does not include the height that the head adds.  Moose are herbivores who can eat up to 73 pounds a day in vegetation that can include shrubs, plants with bark and aquatic vegetation in the warm months.

Male moose grow and shed antlers each year.  A pair of antlers can weigh up to 40 pounds. A cow moose will give birth to a single calf or sometimes twins once each year following an eleven-month gestation.

Enjoy and watch this rare treat of seeing the moose play in the sprinkler on Helm’s front lawn.

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