A Baby Snuck Up Behind A Husky And The Dog's Reaction Is Going Viral

A lot of people are reluctant to allow their babies to play with dogs. In some cases, parents worry that the dog might inadvertently harm the baby, and they aren’t completely wrong. However, in cases where the dog is well-known to be gentle, allowing baby to play with them can be highly beneficial.

Not to mention, when parents allow it to happen and turn on the camera, we all benefit from the resulting adorable videos like this one.


In the video, you can see the Husky lounging around minding his own business when in crawls a chubby-cheeked baby. The baby proceeds to pet the dog, giving him hugs and kisses.

At first, the dog seems disinterested in the extreme, much like a cat would be. However, as the video continues the baby doesn’t give up, and soon the dog responds.

Suddenly, in one swift movement, the Husky rolls to his back and gives the baby a big ‘ol lick, much to the delight of the camera operator. On top of that, the resulting cuddle session is enough to make me want to keep the video on repeat for the duration of the day.

The Husky and his best friend certainly appear to love each other very much. Certainly, the Husky’s gentleness with the baby is precisely what one would look for in a dog when deciding to allow them near children or not.


There are ways to ensure that both your kids and your dogs stay as safe as possible. Please never leave your child unattended with a dog, even if you know for a fact that they are friendly, as both babies and dogs can be unpredictable.

First of all, remember, your kids are never too young to start learning about how to respect animals. Introducing them to gentle dogs can be an excellent teaching tool, but there are some things to watch out for.

Watch the dog for any signs of stress. These can include things like:

  • Panting (if the dog was not exercising, then the panting is most likely stress related)
  • Whale eyes – which is when you can see the whites of the dog’s eyes
  • If the dog lays its ears back
  • Lips stretched back towards the dog’s ears
  • Tongue flick/licking lips
  • Growling

All those signs could mean that the dog is about to bite, and you should remove the child right away. If, however, the dog is like the Husky in this video, you should be good to go.

Use these tips for safety, make sure that you watch closely at all times, and by all means, please, allow your children to safely learn how to approach and pet a dog. It will be beneficial to your child as well as the animal.

Watch the adorable video below and comment and let us know if you have any hot tips for keeping kids and dogs safe together.

Source: Adorable Duo Baby And Dog Show Love For One Another by troyslezak

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