A Beluga whale just located and returned this woman’s missing iPhone, you have to see this

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Man, do we ever have one whale-sized story for you today. Recently, Ina Maniska was in the waters around Hammerfest, Norway. It was there that it happened — she leaned over the side of the boat and ploop, there goes her iPhone. As Ina watched her phone disappear, there was no way she could have predicted what a beluga whale was about to do.

And this is no ordinary beluga whale, let me tell you.


Now, the beluga whale in question, as we said, is no ordinary whale.

Just a few weeks ago, towards the end of April, some fishermen in Norway spotted a beluga whale behaving very strangely.

Image Screenshot from CBS News via YouTube Video

The beluga whale kept approaching boats and acting very un-whale like. Upon closer inspection, the fishermen discovered that the animal had a very tight strap around its body.

Image Screenshot from CBS News via YouTube Video


Unfortunately, the men could tell the beautiful mammal was uncomfortable. So, one of the men decided to help. He jumped in the frigid water and cut off the offending strap.


The equipment held by the strap had a stamp on it that stated it was from Russia. So, this beluga whale is very likely a highly trained spy from Murmansk Sea Biology Research Institute in Russia.

Check out that part of the story in the video below:

Well, when Ina Maniska heard about this extraordinary beluga whale, she wanted to check it out, of course.


So, Ina grabbed her iPhone and hopped in a boat hoping to catch a glimpse of this whale-sized escapee.

No one could have predicted what happened next.

As soon as she heard the dreaded ploop sound, Ina knew what had happened. As she watched her phone slide out of view, obviously, Ina never expected to see the costly item again.

Image Screenshot from isa.opdahl via Instagram Video

Within just a few moments, however, Ina saw something in the water headed her way. Sure enough, it was the elusive ex-spy beluga whale.

It’s what the beluga whale had in its mouth, though, that shocked everyone to their core — Ina’s iPhone.

Check it out in the video below: 

Of course, due to the water damage, the likelihood that Ina’s phone will ever work again are slim. However, that doesn’t mean that Ina didn’t appreciate the gesture.

According to an expert, the beluga’s behavior indicates that the whale is very well trained to take care of humans.

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Featured Image Screenshot from isa.opdahl via Instagram Video (L) Image Screenshot from CBS News via YouTube Video (R) 

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