A Christmas miracle for a kitten that has been living in a dumpster

Imagine: it is almost Christmas and you do not have a home, food, or water. It feels like the world is against you because it is the jolliest time of the year and you are still in need. Toni Sorenson  says,

“Christmas is about giving from the heart more than giving from the store.”

Sinead Brooks of San Francisco understood the true meaning of Christmas when she came across Mami.

This story starts in a dumpster during the winter. It is colder than usual but it is bearable. Mami is found all bundled up with her mother and siblings, waiting to be rescued. Although it had not been easy, this is where Mami and her family had spent their whole life. They had to fend for themselves, and only hope for the best.

Mami looked different than her siblings; her eyes were sad and tiresome. But one day her families wishes were real. Rescuers had gotten a call about the kittens and mother, so they came to help.  When rescuers finally arrived at the scene, they felt sad for the kitties. No one deserves to be living in those conditions. So they took the tiny family back to the shelter where they would get food, water, and care. The only thing missing was love.

That is when Sinead Brooks and her husband stepped in. Christmas is a very busy time of year, but they put that aside to get Mami. The two adopted her. But when they arrived home they noticed how hard it was for her to feel comfortable.

So Sinead decided to buy another kitty, Morty, who would eventually help Mami open up. Having him around made Christmas time even better for their family.

Even though Mami still has her sad eyes, she definitely is happy, thanks to the Brooks family and Morty. It was a Christmas miracle that a family found her. Share this beautiful story with friends!

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