A Dangerous Trap Almost Blinded Morgan–Now His Owners Have A Serious Warning For The Public

It was a typical weekend for Lea Jensen and her boyfriend, Kenneth. They were out walking their dog, Morgan when suddenly the beautiful boy began to howl. When they discovered what had happened to their beautiful fur baby thanks to a makeshift trap, the couple was utterly horrified.

Warning: There are graphic images included in this article.


The pair quickly hurried to Morgan’s side, with no clue what could be wrong. Once they examined him, however, they made a heartbreaking discovery.

Poor Morgan had a deep and gaping wound directly beneath his eye. As the couple stood there perplexed, poor Morgan continued with his pitiful howling. Of course, Lea and Kenneth suffered beyond imagining to see their fur baby injured so grievously.

Image via We Love Animals

As much as it hurt them, though, the couple knew it was imperative that they attempt to figure out what had happened to Morgan. Their horror quickly turned to rage as soon as they found the evil and sadistic trap hidden in the ground.


Upon closer inspection, the couple found that at the bottom of the fence Morgan was sniffing, someone had buried a knife. The evil human that did this left the blade facing up and attached it directly to the fencing to inflict as much damage as possible.

Image via We Love Animals

The person or persons who did this had every intention of causing as much damage as possible. Sadly, on this day, it was Morgan that took the damage. His parents know, however, that it could have been much worse.

“We were lucky if you could say so in such a situation,” said Lea. “Had the knife gone deep in his eye, he probably would have lost his sight.”

The couple is insistent that everyone spread the word about this danger to our pets. Indeed, everyone should be cautious when out walking their dogs. Evil exists in our world, and many of those evil people abuse animals because animals can’t hit back like humans can.

“We’re issuing this warning because we can’t understand how anyone can do something like this,” said Morgan’s owners. “Nobody puts a knife in this way by accident and the veterinarian who examined Morgan agrees.”

The couple reported the horrible incident to police. Sadly, they said it would be incredibly difficult to ascertain who the perpetrator of this evil deed is.

As for Morgan, he is healing slowly at home with his parents and recovering a little more each day.

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Feature Image via We Love Animals and Pixabay

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