A Devastating Fire Exhausted This Fawn, But Kind Firefighters Were There To Help

A rapacious fire in southern California has burned nearly 23,000 acres, and its been nothing short of a catastrophe for local people and wildlife alike. Numerous homes were destroyed and at least 21,000 people were evacuated as a result of the massive fire, which originated in the Cleveland National Forest earlier in August. Fortunately, local animal shelters took in hundreds of pets, but the situation was direr for wildlife.

The fire had consumed more than 18,000 acres at the time of this photo. Image courtesy of The U.S. Forest Service via Facebook

Wild Fires Are Devastating for People and Animals

But for at least one young deer, left confused, exhausted and dehydrated by the fire, kind firefighters from the U.S. Forest Service were there to lend helping hands, The Dodo reports. The firefighters were working in the Los Padres National Forest when they found the fawn, who had successfully escaped the flames.

And they knew exactly what to do, the Forest Service noted on Facebook.

This beautiful fawn, now safe from the fire, was grateful for shade, water, and a place to rest. Image by the U.S. Forest Service via Facebook

“They provided her with water and helped her get back on her feet.”

The little fawn appeared grateful for the water and the chance to rest.

News of the fire crew’s good deed went viral and has been shared more than 10,000 times and has also received over 14,000 “likes.” What’s sad is that the fate of this sweet fawn isn’t known, but there’s plenty of reason for hope for her and other wild creatures, the Forest Service noted.

“They will keep traveling until they find food and water. Luckily, both are still available in the area and they will surely navigate their way to them.”

The fire is believed to be arson-related and a man was being held in custody at the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana. Forrest Gordon Clark faces three counts of alleged arson but is awaiting a mental health and competency evaluation.

Featured image courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service via Facebook

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