A Hidden Camera Catches What A Mailman Does To A German Shepherd

The relationship between a dog and a mailman is stereotyped as being unfriendly and often aggressive on one or both parts. This video challenges this thinking and will warm your heart!

Kyza, a German Shepherd, lives with his owner Michael Collins. Kyza’s owner says that she is often misunderstood due to her size as well as her breed. However, Kyza hardly barks at strangers. Collins firmly believes that a dog’s upbringing means more than their breed to know how they’ll behave.

Their neighborhood mailman, Steve, was hesitant to approach the property. Steve delivers the mail each day, and Kyza roams the front-yard freely.

Collins saw something from his window when Steve approached and later pulled out his camera to document this moment.

Steve doesn’t have any special bond with Kyza, nor the other dogs along his route. One day though, Steve rode by on his bicycle and delivered the mail to Collins’ mailbox.

Then Steve got off his bike and approached Kyza. To Collins’ surprise, Steve had come to give Kyza a little cuddling. Kyza stood up on the fence to receive his pets and rubs!

This isn’t just a one-time deal, either. Steve does this every day when he delivers the mail. He makes a point to stop and see his new friend.

Collins said, “Everyday whether or not we have mail this mailman always stops to see my dog who is only 9 months old.”

Collins added that the mailman always makes an effort to get off his bike to give Kyza a hug and a pet. He wishes he could more publicly thank the man for his constant friendliness. It’s fair to say that Kyza appreciates his new friend too!

We can all be grateful that Collins filmed one of these encounters to see the happy greeting between Kyza and Steve.

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