A Man And His Dog Is Making People’s Hearts Soar


Sabrina la Grotteria went for a walk last week and witnessed an event that would touch the hearts of everyone. In Italy, she caught the love between a man and his dog. In the city of Vibo Valentia, an older gentleman was pushing his dog along on a cart. Apparently, the pup had trouble moving around on his own. Grotteria quickly filmed the man and his dog when they got to where they lived.

Man and his dog on a cart in front of a fence on the road
Video via video screenshot from website via The Dodo

A Man And His Dog Bonded For Life

Though shot from afar, the short clip shows how dedicated the man is to helping his dog cope with his disability. That kind of loyalty is how everyone should be treated, human and puppers alike.

“I was so moved that I decided to post it on Facebook,” Grotteria told The Dodo.

It was on her Facebook page that the video went viral. The nation fell in love with this man and his dog!

Questo video racchiude una sola parola "UMANITÀ" cane con tumore alle ossa, portato a passeggio 3/4 volte al giorno. Bisognerebbe premiare quest'uomo. Nei pressi dello stadio di Vibo Valentia che ne pensate?

Posted by Sabrina la Grotteria on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Her video of the man and his dog had been viewed over hundreds of thousands of times. It even gained headlines across the country as a “gesture that moves Italy.”

Tonino Vitale And His Dog, Dylan

The story is a touching one. Tonino Vitale has been walking his 13-year old dog Dylan every day on the trolley. It turns out Dylan had gotten arthritis in his hind limbs, making it hard for him to walk on his own. Vitale was surprised how many people were moved by the small clip Grotteria had recorded. He hopes that the video sends a message:

“With Dylan it was love at first sight, ever since it was born,” he told the newspaper Il Vibonese. “For us, it is a normal gesture to love Dylan, but we are happy to let you know his story. It is a way to sensitize people to the importance of respecting the animals.”

Here is Vitale speaking with LaC TV (in Italian):

Dylan Gets His Own Cart!

With the spread of Vitale’s story and his love for Dylan, it’s good to know that there are others out there that love Dylan just as much.

Image by Sabrina la Grotteria

Now Dylan can walk on his own while Vitale keeps the dolly steady with the red strap attached to the front wheels. One woman brought attention to an Italian man, and love to the world. Through her unintentional act of kindness, Dylan gets to walk on his own again.

“This video contains only one word: ‘HUMANITY.'”


Posted by Ornella Parigi on Saturday, July 28, 2018


Featured Image via screen capture from video from website The Dodo

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