A Masked Intruder Tried To Break In When A 9 Year Old Was Home Alone – But A Pitt Bull Had Another Idea

One evening this nine-year-old boy was home all by himself. He thought that the noises at the front door were simply his mom getting back home. Shane Shafer was terrified when he started towards the door and noticed that the person standing there wasn’t his mom at all, but a man wearing a ski mask.

What happened next, though, will make your day.


Shane’s mom had to leave him home alone briefly to go pick up his brothers and sisters from school one fateful afternoon. He was alone in the house with only the family’s dogs when he heard strange noises coming from the front door.

When Shane heard the strange noises at the front door, he figured it was his mom coming home from picking up his siblings. As Shane approached the front door, the man got in. Suddenly, the 9-year-old was face to face with a man wearing a ski mask who had just barged into the terrified kid’s house.

“It seemed like he wanted me cause when he saw me he just slowly walked toward me and he didn’t look at anything else he just kept his eyes on me,” Shane told reporters.

It’s difficult to imagine how terrifying it must have been for Shane. Suddenly face to face with someone who intended to harm him must have been horrifying.

The intruder started to chase Shane up the stairs, but the family Pitt Bull named Baby Girl had a much different idea.

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When the masked man started to chase him up the stairs, Shane called out to Baby Girl for help. That was all it took. Boom!

Baby Girl came running, and Shane said she attacked the intruder’s legs and eventually chased him right back out the door he had just broken through.

“I was really scared because it was only me home and I didn’t know who it was and the only protection I had was my dogs,” said Shane.

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After Baby Girl chased the intruder away, Shane ran to the neighbor’s house for help. He knew that it would be safe to do so. He called 911 from there, and the police came to take a report.

Shane rewarded baby girl with a “sucker” once things got settled down. He said he will never stay at home alone ever again.

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Right now, around the globe, Pitties are perhaps the most misunderstood breed of dog there is. There are people with campaigns against this amazing breed who think they should be illegal. Sadly, no matter how many stories like this occur, it is difficult to change minds.

Please, for Pitties everywhere like my Sophie and Baby Girl here, share this story. Pitties are a fantastic breed with so much to offer. They deserve as much love as every other dog. They only want unconditional love, just like everyone else.

Do you have an amazing Pittie in your life? Please tell me all about them in the comments.

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