A Must Watch Version Of The Lion King Performed By A Donkey And His Human


A donkey named Nathan, and his human Travis Kinley have gone viral with their rendition of The Lion King song. Their duet has captured the hearts of many.



We aren’t quite sure what inspired Travis and Nathan to belt out this adorable tune together, but we are sure glad that they did. Maybe Travis just saw Disney’s “The Lion King Movie” and he felt led to sing the theme song with Nathan.


The song that they sing together is “Circle of Life.” Not only is their singing together good, but watching their facial expressions is downright adorable. It’s no wonder that people everywhere are watching this video over and over again.


Nathan shared the video on Facebook and his followers and the public went wild about it. “[I] did the Lion King opening and Nathan joined in with me!” Kinley posted. “Love this dude!”



What Language Is In The Opening To The Lion King Song?


You may know the opening to the Lion King Theme song By Heart. “The Circle Of Life” is the name of the song. Tim Rice wrote it. Elton John composed it. But do you know what language the beginning part was written in? The language is from South Africa. It’s called Swahili. This is a language of eastern and southeastern Africa.


Let’s Get A Trend Going


Wouldn’t it be fun if more people and their animals started singing this song and posting it? How fun it would be if friends started videoing themselves and shared it with other friends. Don’t forget to video some of your pets and their reactions to your singing. Maybe some animals will even join in the way that Nathan joined in with Travis. If it goes viral maybe someone will be doing a story on you that way we are on Travis and Nathan.




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