A pair of neglected horses are given a chance at a new life in the most unusual place

Two horses lives were about to collide in the most unusual way. Both needed to be rescued, and one unlikely heroine stepped in to take them both.

Jamie Lee Robinson is the founder and CEO of OPKIT Kitty Sponsorship Program and Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven by OPKIT.  Robinson has made it her mission to rescue cats.

Last year, a famished and underweight homeless horse was found running loose on a Florida highway. The horse was taken in by the sheriff’s department and then taken to the local animal shelter. The horse, now known as Starlight, spent weeks at the shelter. Because Starlight was in need of gaining her health back, the shelter wanted her to go to a rescue group.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

Robinson explains, “They needed a rescue group to take her. She was not healthy enough for adoption. They were posting and begging all over Facebook for a horse rescue group to take this horse, but no one stepped up.” No one that is until Robinson decided to take her into the cat sanctuary.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

“The horse was in danger of going to a county auction, so I had to help her,” Robinson continued. “We have a small pasture, but we weren’t really set up for horses, so I got busy building a small barn … Starlight arrived very thin, fearful of people, distrustful, and with an old scar from a chain across her nose.”

Starlight Needs A Shelter

Robinson wasted no time in constructing a place for Starlight at the sanctuary. During that time, she also gained Starlight’s trust. “I spent months working with her, establishing trust. She became happy and healthy, but horses aren’t meant to live alone.”

Enter into the story, the next horse about to be saved by Robinson and her cat sanctuary. A pinto horse named Logan was dumped as an unwanted horse at a Louisiana kill pen. This was the last stop pen where unwanted horses ended up before they were sent to slaughter.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

A Companion For Starlight

Robinson heard of Logan and saw his picture and then moved at rapid speed to save the horse. Robinson explains, “I bought Logan sight unseen, right away, not something I would normally do, but I didn’t want him to get away. I knew he was right for Starlight.” Robinson continued, “Logan is a very playful, confident horse. Starlight is insecure and hesitant — so they are the perfect pair.”

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

And oh how right she was. Logan and Starlight sparked up an immediate friendship and bond right away. “they fell instantly in love. Starlight was so excited and happy, Logan calm and soothing to her.” Logan and Starlight will live out the rest of their lives together in their new home. “They will be here with us always. They have both found their forever homes,” Robinson happily said.

Tails Up No-Kill Animal Haven

Robinson stepped out in faith and opened her heart and her cat sanctuary to these horses even before she was completely set up for them. Fences still need upgrading at the sanctuary. If you find it in your heart to help and contribute to this project, you can donate through PayPal at this address [email protected]

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